Abolishing the income tax: Should income taxes be abolished?

  • Income tax punishes those who work hard.

    Income taxes are often argued as a way to take money from the "uber-rich", and give it to those who are poverty stricken. They often will say
    that the rich don't need all that money, and giving it to the poor will increase their standard of living. The most popular person toted in these arguments is Bill Gates, with a net worth $82 billion. However, income tax does not actually get much of its money from Bill Gates, or Michael Jackson, or Tiger Woods. People get distracted by the big numbers, and don't think about it relatively. Yes, $82 billion is a lot of money, but the National debt is $14 trillion. You would need 170 Bill Gates to pay that off. Also, if you took all of Bill Gate's money and gave an equal amount, each person would only get $260 dollars. Just taking the rich peoples money would not fix any problems. Instead, the income tax money comes from the middle class, the small business owners who work hard to keep their business running. Income tax takes away their initiative to work. If you work hard and make more money this year than you did last year, that's called success. But if by making more money, you get higher taxes, why would you bother to work harder?

  • Edward Douglass White, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1912-1921 clearly sends a message to the people.

    Edward Douglass White, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1912-1921 clearly sends a message to the people that have a strong interest in the 16th amendment. I think he knows a thing or two about the 16th amendment.
    Here is what he had to say: “In dealing with the scope of the taxing power, the question has sometimes been framed in terms of whether something can be taxed as income under the Sixteenth Amendment. This is an inaccurate formulation of the question and has led to much loose thinking on the subject. The source of the taxing power is not the Sixteenth Amendment; it is Article I, section 8 of the Constitution. It is important that these provisions be clearly understood; what is required is an understanding of fundamental principles. The familiar statement that at this time we need education in the obvious more than investigation into the obscure (Holmes, Collective Legal Papers, pp. 292-293), although made in a different context, is peculiarly applicable here.”
    Penn Mutual Indemnity Co. V. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 32 T.C. 653 at 5659 (1959)

  • System More Than 100 Years Old

    Income taxes were started by Abraham Lincoln during the U.S. Civil War and made legal in the early 20th Century. For more than 100 years, the income tax system has gotten more and more complicated. An entire industry has been created around the U.S. income tax system. The antiquated system needs to be changed. We have a consumer-based global economy now and taxes should be based on a national sales tax. A sales tax is fair because the more money people have, the more they spend and the more taxes they pay.

  • Replaced with sales tax

    This is the fairest system, To the wealthy, The poor, Everybody. The rich will inevitably spend more, And therefore pay more tax. The hard workers won't feel anamosity towards the government, The rich and the poor. People will be able to save more money. The expense of the irs and enforcement will be eliminated

  • ITS Morally wrong. IF you are for an income tax, your the problem.

    The reasoning is so simple, its surprising it hasn't been abolished yet.

    I go to work, I do my job right , I earn money as compensation for my personal time and effort given , YET SOME ENTITY FORCES ME TO GIVE SOME TO THEM FOR WHATEVER REASON THEY TELL ME !?



    I understand that IF the income tax is abolished it will create financial problems for the Government. BUT GUESS WHAT? WHO CARES?!?!

    They will adapt somehow. They shouldn't need to steal hard earned money from us to operate. Their operations are highly questionable anyway.

    +Eliminate the income tax.
    +Formulate a new protocol with whats left.
    +Stick to your purpose, help the individual states do what is hard for them do to do by themselves. THATS IT. Leave us people alone.

    OR WE WILL FIRE YOU. Its called a revolution.

  • It would have to be replaced

    America can not continue with their Foreign policy and quality of life (FDA, EPA etc.) without at least some semblance of an income tax or adequate replacement. A better place to lower taxes in my opinion would be the capital gains side. That would be more likely to encourage investment than abolishing income taxes which don't collect investment gains anyway. You could also institute a 17 percent national sales tax and abolish Income Tax, or something lower and reduce income tax.

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