Abolition of art subsidies: Should government subsidy of the arts be ended?

  • All Subsidies Should End

    All government subsidies should end and the free market should take over. Privatize Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. End subsidies for big oil. Privatize farmer's insurance and crop subsidies. Save the money of the taxpayers by eliminating wasteful subsidies to private industries that should be run by free market principles as opposed to government controlling. Arts should be included in those cuts.

  • The Free Ride Ends Here

    Art has long received a government subsidy. It is time for this free ride to end. Artists should be capable of sustaining themselves if they wish to continue to produce their work. Even trivial, poor art is currently subsidized. Ending this subsidy would allow the truly gifted artists to be recognized and awarded financially for their endeavors. It would also decrease the amount of poor and tasteless art being produced.

  • Increasing Corporate Influence

    A decrease in the government subsidy will allow for corporate sponsors to get increasingly involved in the cultural sector, eventually dominating it. The museums will shape themselves to corporate needs to attain funding from the selective corporate, who are solely acting out of self-interest to purify their name.

    This will create a gap between the poor and rich museums, because the corporate will only want to attach its name to the latter.

    The existing museums will grow more and more dependent on the corporate. Eventually, being under their control entirely. As a result, there will be a dilution of the original goals of the museum as an institution as the corporate's private interests will start to shape the goals of the museum.

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