Abolition of xinfang (letters and visits) rankings: Is it a change for the better?

Asked by: Diqiucun_Cunmin
  • Certainly an important step forward.

    I don't understand the naysayers who call it a step backwards for the rule of law. The xinfang rankings have always been the true culprit behind jiefang. Yongzhou actually had a 'zero-tolerance policy' for petitioning to higher levels. As well-intentioned as the system originally was, it has not mitigated social problems in any way; rather, it has forced lower-level officials to strip citizens of their right to xinfang lest their future career path be at stake. Abolishing the rankings is a good move towards xinfang reforms. Let's hope there will be more reforms in the future so that issues are actually resolved. Then the system will actually start solving problems, as was originally intended, rather than creating unnecessary tension.

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