Abortion: Are the doctors that perform abortions OK with their act?

  • It is part of treatment. The last resort to save the patient.

    Like there is substantial reason behind every treatment modality that a doctor uses, for her patient, there is, for ABORTION as well. It is the last resort to save the patient, when nothing else can be done to solve a complicated pregnancy. The fetus may die spontaneously, some time later or may be born with such a defect, that makes survival difficult.

    Posted by: praa
  • 14 and pregnant

    In some cases not aborting a child damages the mother and fathers life. If the person is 14 and pregnant and unable to abort it their whole future is messed up. Colleges will think twice before accepting them and future jobs will be harder to get. In cases like this doctors are helping someone more by aborting a child than making them keep it.

  • You don't always have to like what you do

    If they were uncomfortable doing it they probably wouldn't . I'm sure in some cases they don't like to do it but its part of there job and its not there decision... Unless your to young. Some people consider abortion murder. The child is not living yet when the abortion is done so its not considered murder.

  • They Must Be

    Doctors that perform abortions are likely ok with the act of performing abortions. If doctors were not comfortable performing such a procedure, they could and do choose areas of medicine that do not require them to perform such procedures. It would make no sense for a doctor opposed to abortions to perform them.

  • If they weren't, why would they do it?

    There are plenty of other professions the doctors could do into if they did not agree with what they were doing. Some abortion doctors do end up leaving the profession as a result of their conscience, but since they have free will to choose whether or not they want to do this, then the ones who do must be OK with it.

  • No, most are not.

    I am a surgical technician at a hospital that used to perform abortions, but does not now. The doctors that I talked about or came in contact with were extremely opposed to performing abortions that they had done in the past. One doctor (who was a very good friend of mine) committed suicide because he could not live with the stress and guilt that dozens of abortions dealt to him over his years.

  • You don't have to like what you do

    Some might not care. Like what others say, it's not killing anyone because the thing inside of them aren't human yet. I don't want to sound mean but that's what some people think, or at least the majority of those who want abortions. Other doctors hate it. Knowing that a beautiful baby girl or boy could've been born, but they stopped that from happening. They have no say if they want the child to be born. They can only watch or do what the patient asks and dispose of what could've been a child, a baby, a human. Not everyone wants to do things like these.

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PlumberGirl123 says2014-06-26T11:42:35.877
What is there to not be okay with? Abortionists arnt doing anything wrong. They are doctors who help women abort the fetus and save the mothers life from misery and a parasite that was growing in her body. It's not a 'precious baby'. Pro-life see it emotionally. We see it realistically. We see what's actually important in the matter.