Abortion being legal, does that make it right??

Asked by: Jikpamu
  • It's right if the woman decides it is right

    The only person qualified to judge the merits of a given abortion is the woman who makes the choice.

    Not some group of mouth breathing fascists who value a lump of cells more than a grown woman.

    The unborn are not people. My semen is not people, an egg is not people.

    This argument will never be resolved because theologians are willing to impose their fascist policies on the laws of a secular nation.

    This is why Christianity is hemorrhaging followers. An inability to separate their personal morality with the laws of a secular nation.

    It's a simplistic myopia for a simplistic sect of society.

  • It isn’t your decision.

    A woman should be allowed to make her own decision about her body. Abortion isn’t an easy choice to make. Also, a fetus is defined as “an unborn offspring of a mammal”. This should make it especially obvious that a fetus is not alive, and abortion is not murder. At the end of the day, the only person deciding what happens to a woman’s body should be that woman.

  • A fetus isn't a person.

    Is something alive if it isn't experiencing life? All a fetus does is sit in the womb, unconscious, floating in fluid and getting food from a tube. That's not life. Life starts when it leaves the mother and starts making memories and having experiences. A fetus might become a human, but in my eyes it's not a human until it's living.

  • Yes, it is

    Fetuses are large unconscious. They have minimal capacity for suffering no sense of self, no attachment to others, no emotional experiences, and no desire to live. Killing them is morally equivalent to killing an insect. Abortion doesn't cause fetuses any pain, and if it does, a small dose of morphine injected to the mother can eliminate that potential risk. However, banning abortion does cause the mother, and father, a large amount of emotional suffering. Not everyone is prepared to raise a child, particularly teenagers and victims of rape.

  • Fallacy of Legalism

    Just because something is legal doesn't mean it is right. If that were the case the north and south shouldn't have fought the civil war. Law can be just or unjust.

    Eventually Roe v Wade will be overturned because it is based on a falsehood. All things that are false are eventually exposed to the light of truth.

  • In my humble opinion...

    It's WRONG. And everyone knows it. They make up all kinds of excuses for it, but deep down, they know it's wrong. People support abortion for all kinds of reasons. Every one of them are selfish, in nature. A fetus is a human being. How do I know this? Just look at all of the failed abortions that survived. That was a PERSON they tried to kill. If it was me, I'd try my mother with attempted murder.

  • The Nazis made the Jews wear this (as a badge of shame associated with antisemitism). Were the Jews of WWII Europe human beings?

    The Nazis killed 6 Million Jews and made the whole "process" very legal...

    In America we've killed and murdered 55 million unborn children since 1973...

    Is an unborn child a "human being"?

    Per Google definitions, abortion is legal in many parts of America up to 28 weeks (about 7 months of pregnancy).

  • No, it doesn't

    Something being legal makes it right in the eyes of the law, but that doesn' t make it right by any other standard.

    I believe abortion is not wrong, and that women should have that right, but my beliefs on the matter have nothing to do with whether or not it is legal.

  • Lots of Horrible Things Were Legal Once

    Slavery was legal at one point, and guess what people always used to say back then; "Well, it is legal, so that automatically makes it okay."

    But it did not. Slavery was still wrong, and so is abortion.

    "I see no reason why abortion should not be a crime."
    -Mahatma Gandi

    "We must not be surprised when we hear of murders, of killings, of wars, of hatred. If a mother can kill her own child, what is left but for us to kill each other."
    -Mother Teresa

    "It is God who gives life. Let us respect and love human life, especially vulnerable life in a mother's womb."
    -Pope Francis

  • Government Doesn't get to Pick and Choose what is Right

    Abortion is still murder, even if the government doesn't say it is. America might be the land of the free, but no one should ever loss sight in what's right or wrong even if the government says otherwise. A country might allow slavery or stealing, but that doesn't mean it's ok.

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