Abortion can be defended on religious grounds.

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  • Religious freedom and moral agency of all people

    After abortion was legalized in 1973, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice was formed to protect this constitutional right from legal and political challenges. This organization consists of all faiths and traditions and describes itself as pro-choice. Their main argument is, and I quote, "Jesus's teachings emphasized the religious freedom and moral agency of each person, male and female. Thus I believe that we are called by God to be active in the struggle to preserve and enhance reproductive choice for all people". And at the center of religious freedom is keeping the government out of personal moral decisions. For Christians who believe that God gave freedom to all, including women, it is your responsibility to keep Roe v. Wade the law of the land. You may not choose to have an abortion, but the right to obtain one when needed is one you should care about. If you want to follow Jesus, you can and must be both compassionate and pro-choice.

  • No, no, and no.

    The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is wrong. There is nothing compassionate about abortion or pro-choice. What is compassionate about murder? The bible states time and time again that God knows each person from the very beginning of their life in their mothers womb. Yes, God did give us freedom, but freedom does not mean you are free from consequences. You have an abortion you have just committed murder of a defenseless, innocent life.

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