Abortion Clinics Should be Federally funded.

Asked by: bfchrisb
  • Most certainly yes

    Considering abortion clinics don't only do abortions are generally set up in poor neighborhoods for those who can hardly afford our incredibly broken healthcare system, the clinics should be subsidized by the government to give cheap or free care to those who cant afford the higher quality medical care they need. Not to mention the fact that those who are getting abortions generally aren't in the best financial situation(sometimes it is even the reason for the abortion) and shouldn't have this incredibly important decision made for them by budgetary restraints.

  • No they should not

    You can not force your morals on someone else by making them pay for and therefor participate in abortion. No one should be forced to be involved in something they are against. Forcing someone to do that is selfish, entitled and cruel. Would you force an abortion survivor to pay for it?

  • Yes & no but more no.

    I wish they could be federally funded without having the looming danger of federal regulations. Because of the possible regulating I don't think they should be funded. Perhaps a law could be put in place that restricts the government from putting certain regulations on the clinics. Until then no way.

  • Hell nah... To the nah nahll.

    I'd agree with federal funding if it would mean the gov't wouldn't be involved in abortion regulations, policies, or - unlikely but still possible considering this is done in the UK and Canada - advertising abortion clinics. That is all that I wanted to say to that. Anyone else have an opinion?

  • It can survive without tax dollars

    The whole program can charge more for the services it provides and get third party funding. There are organizations that would be willing to fund their operations as is. It's not so much of a need as other healthcare is concerned. Finding the funding for it, would be a lot better than asking for tax dollars to fund it.

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