Abortion: Does a woman have a right to her body that includes a right to abortion?

  • Yes, a woman has a right to abortion.

    A woman does have the right to govern her own body. And that includes a right to have an abortion at most points in a pregnancy. The woman does not always have the right to decide how her body is used prior to conception because that right may be taken away subtly or by force. This last choice should be hers alone.

  • Roe v Wade is Law

    The right to abortion is the law of the land and women do have a right to it, although I personally disagree except in cases of danger to the mother, rape and certain instances where the fetus would have no quality of life or would not survive the birth. There seems to be a great deal of animosity among different groups on whether women have the right to choose, yet men seem to feel they have no responsibility in whether or not a woman becomes pregnant. It does take two, you know, and a woman does not get pregnant on her own.

  • A woman does have a right to her body which includes abortion.

    The right to her own body is something that must be fundamental. As men have the liberty to do what they want with their own body, so do women. It is not up to a man to decide what a woman is to do with her self, nor is it up to other women. A choice such as this must come down to an individual level as it is going to have a great impact on said person. In a sense, taking a woman's control over decision about her own body is similar to taking away free will, because if a woman can not do what she is choosing to do she really has no choice at all.

  • Government Should Not Make This Decision For Anyone

    While I don't approve of people having abortions nobody, especially government, has a right to tell a woman they can't legally have an abortion. Many people who have abortions can not take care of themselves let alone a baby. When governments make abortions illegal many of these people will unfortunately still find a way to abort the baby which will cause even more harm to them.

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  • Yes, a woman should but not for abortion

    A innocent developing and living baby, shouldn't suffer and die becasue of a mistake a mother made. Of course rape is wrong, but if you don't want the child then give it to an orphanage, don't end it's life. Abortion is the cold-blooded murder of a defenseless baby. Why do dogs get the right to live while an innocent baby does not?

  • Yes but no abortion

    So I think the women has a right to govern her own body but not when it comes to abortion because that's not her body she is killing. It is crazy when people say it is her body because it isn't. The child is inside her yes but it is definitely not her own body

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