Abortion: Does abortion improve the ability of women to live life how they want?

  • Abortions can lead to more succesful lives

    There are just times in life when some people shouldn't have children. Either dealing with severe financial or emotional problems, that prevent them from being adequate parents. If a child is unwanted, and neglected, then why bring that child into the world at all? We already have more people than jobs, and we need to do our best to not overpopulate and procreate simply because we can.

  • Yes, abortion can help a women achieve goals that she would have a difficult time achieving if she were with baby.

    Views on abortion are like a double edged sword. There are many reasons against it such as killing of a life or in some cases morality. But there are instances where an abortion is a good thing, not only is it good for the mother but also for the child. In cases where its an unwanted pregnancy or a case of rape, this prevents the child from living in squalor and in an environment unsuitable for a growing child. Especially if the woman does not have the means or career in which she cant even support herself, it would help her attain that goal of self supporting and gives her the option to wait until after she was set to have a child comfortably.

  • Of course it does

    By denying women the right to have an abortion, you would be taking away their rights. What if a woman was abandoned when her partner found out she was pregnant? What if she was in absolutely no condition to be a single mum? What if she didn't even want the baby, or it was forced into her? Having a baby changes womens' lives, some for the better - some for the worse. Women should be allowed to live life how they want.

  • Abortion doesn't improve life, it ends it.

    Since I am a male, this subject is both a venture and a nightmare, but I must say that if I was going around just having sex one day and then getting an abortion, I might feel pretty responsibility-free, however, this also means that I am a murderer. Having abortion just so you can have worry-free sex is irresponsible, abusive, and the laziest thing a young adult can do.

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