Abortion for physical deformities: Does it undermine the lives of the disabled community?

  • Yes, it is abhorrent.

    Yes, aborting people with physical deformities undermines the lives of the disabled community, because it sends the message that not everyone has intrinsic value. A person's life is important, not matter how disabled they are. God made everyone, and everyone should have a right to live their life, no matter what disability they might have.

  • Abortion for physical deformities does undermine the disabled.

    Yes, abortion for physical deformities does undermine the disabled because it says that your life is not worth living. People with deformities lives are worth living. It does not matter what people think about that person or how difficult life is. Life is certainly still worth living for that person.

  • I do not believe it undermines the "disabled community"

    Ok first of all I'm in a wheelchair. I think that it should only be used if the doctors believe the child will be paralysed or the quality of life will be horrendous. Then it will become the choice of the parent. I do not disagree with abortion in general but if it's just because the child is disabled then I disagree.

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