Abortion for physical deformities: Does the parental right to choose supersede the fetus's right to live?

  • Yes I believe the it does.

    I believe it is a hard enough choice for a parent to choose to abort their child, even if it is because of physical deformities. That most be one of the most hardest decisions if they want to let their child live with this deformities and have it suffer their whole life, or ends it misery before it starts and save that child a life time of hurt. It is not a decision I believe most people take lightly and should definitely supersede the fetus right to live if the parents feel they can not adequately provide the comfort and support the child would need.

  • just really think about it

    i'm all for a woman's right to chose, but i feel this can be let go if they want to abort their fetus because it doesn't look like a normal child. Who will define "physical deformity"? Will this be a standardized definition? Based on other legal definitions with significance importance it more than likely won't be standardized which opens a horrific door.

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