Abortion for physical deformities: Should we allow abortion on the grounds of physical deformity?

  • If the mother wants it.

    A woman should decide if she wants to abort her child if it will be born with physical deformities or conditions like Down's Syndrome. Note that these abortions should never be MANDATORY, but the option should be there if the mother chooses. Children with severe genetic conditions will never be able to enjoy a full quality of life, and will need constant nursing and attention, use a tremendous amount of medical resources, and then will usually die before their parents. If a woman does not wish to put her self and others through that, then abortion should be an option.

  • Abortion Should Be Allowed for Physical Deformity

    Yes, abortion should be allowed for on the grounds of physical deformity as abortion should be allowed for in almost all cases. A woman has a right to treat her body as she wishes, and if she does not want to carry a fetus to term, it is her right to abort it.

  • Abortion should be mainly the decision of the mother.

    The fetus depends on the mother to survive until such a point it is able to survive on its own. As such, until the fetus is able to survive outside of the womb, it is a part of the mother's body. It should be up to her to make her medical decisions with the assistance of her doctor.

  • It's still murder!

    Why would you turn away a life because of a physical deformity? Are the less of a person because of a deformity? People are currently living day to day with deformities it's no reason to not be given a chance. Everyone deserves a chance. Yes, life may be more difficult, but some things just have to be accepted as a being and a parent. To deny your child of life because of an illness, that's just immoral. You can still love the child all the same and provide the same happiness anyone else can obtain.

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