• Abortion should be allowed.

    Some couples, or solely women, are not prepared for a child, both financially and mentally. Even being pregnant is costly and that's before the fetus is even conceived. There are other factors, like rape or the inability to take care of oneself and the baby. When you subject so many children to underfunded facilities, it could have a horrible childhood which could lead to other problems. As a saying goes, "There are many other things worse than death."

    The whole "I can take a gun and shoot my child" card is a bit extreme. After all, the child in question is both born and a person.

  • People should have an option for abortion

    If someone gets inpregenate another person through rape or drunken encounter, even as simple as not having enough funds they should have an option. Unlike what Caseo7 said the baby dose not have a brain and can not feel pain. There is always a possibility that the mother and child might die in labor or there would be a birth-defect or miscarriage. Why have your child have pain and disabilities it's whole life that might not be that long or have it have a painless death before he's even alive.

  • I don't like it, but it is sometimes necessary.

    Abortion should be legal, safe and rare and only allowed before the first 15 weeks of pregnancy and when the mother's life in threatened. Increase the rarity of abortion by exponentially increasing the funding of orphanages and focusing on the quality of the orphanage system. Some people are sincerely unable to raise a child, but this does not amend abortion in any sense.

  • There is a difference between wanting and needing.

    Listen, conservatives: before you call abortion acceptors “murderers” or “serial killers”, let me ask something. Do you think liberals want every fetus aborted? From what I see, that’s your logic. Not one woman ever WANTS to get an abortion. She chooses to get one because she NEEDS to. Would a typical woman who gets an abortion be happy? Absolutely not. That’s because she didn’t want to do it. She HAD to do it. Abortion can be necessary, in a very limited amount of circumstances. If a woman is unable to provide her baby with the necessary assets for their survival, the baby is going to die either way. So, abort the unborn fetus before killing an innocent baby. Then use that fetus for embryonic stem cell research, so the fetus can potentially save someone else’s life if it can’t save theirs.

  • Stop the "Demon crats"

    Why do liberals want to destroy what God created... Oh I forgot they are their own god. Abortion in this society has become the most common way of birth-control. Liberals keep coming up with "what about rape- what about endangering the women" oh give me a break. The percent of what they keep shoving down our conservative throats is so small- no pun intended- that many innocent babies are being mutilated and sold as some type of science experiment. Stop with the nonsense you idiots.

  • Abortion is wrong.

    Ive heard some use the argument of body autonomy, meaning that if anything is using your body, you should have control over that thing. So why shouldn't a woman have the right to murder her baby while it's breast-feeding? It's using her body...

    If you think that's absurd, and you state that the baby can be fed formula and doesn't need the woman's body to survive, then by that same logic, a fetus can be extracted from a woman's womb, and with the miracles of modern science can even be sustained and incubated as early as 20 weeks into term.

    "Your body, your choice." False. A fetus is a sovereign body, dwelling within a woman's body temporarily. We are not talking about a liver or a kidney, it's a human being.

  • Women already have a choice and Fetuses will eventually become people.

    The title Pro-Choice is misleading. Women have access to many forms of birth control that are less drastic than abortion. There are lots of pills, condoms, and contraceptives that can prevent fertilization. They even make female condoms these days. If a woman is pregnant in most cases she has already made a choice and she should have to accept the responsibilities that go with it. In cases of rape contraceptives can be used. In cases where the baby may kill the mother the baby's life should also be considered. Although these special cases do happen the majority of people getting abortions were just careless. Women also have the choice of giving the baby up for adoption if they cannot afford it. This gives the baby a chance at life and if the mother later regrets not keeping the baby she can track it down in many cases.
    Also the argument over whether or not a fetus is alive is foolish. Even if a fetus is nonliving it will eventually become a person. By killing the fetus you steal that persons chance at life. I agree that women's reproductive rights are important but the ends just don't justify the means.

  • Lets protect babies

    (GRAPHIC)https://www.Google.Com/search?Q=abortion&espv=2&biw=1680&bih=949&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjz1an_nYfKAhWJ6x4KHRWSCPkQ_AUIBygC#tbm=isch&q=abortion+babies If you are ok with this fine. If not than join the pro life movement. We protect unborn children from the horrors of Manual Vaccum Aspirations, Currettes, syrenges, forceps, saline and other things that are used to kill them. The right to life overrides a woman right to bodily autonomy.

  • No Abortion no!

    If I can have Abortion than I can take out a gun and shoot anyone it should not be a choice only before the woman becomes pregnant for example we need to stop Abortion now! Our country should not be murdering these innocent babies in there mothers womb it must be stopped! It's just all murder parents need to make a discussion on whether or not to have kids

  • It should not even be a sane option

    It should definitely be illegal in every country all over the world it's basically murder how can a person who kills a woman get charged with double homicide but a woman who gets a abortion can get off Scott free it makes no sense abortion should be punishable by law

  • It's Baby Murder

    In the United States liberals who control the nation are okay with killing innocent babies who can be the next Einstein or Newton, but they refuse to kill rapists and murderers who have done horrible things and get to live for no reason at all. Abortion should only be used for people who are rape victims

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