Abortion: Is abortion important to maintaining racial equality?


    When we give those mamas abbortions, they be aborting them childers, and some of them schilders is blacl. We aint wat that. White and black kids bot need abotions. Not just the blaights. Thankl you for listening. Schec out my website wwww. Abortion for whisn.Com. Yee haw yall un k

  • no i don't see how the two are related

    i don't see how abortion and racial equality are related at all. I'm not saying they aren't, I'm just saying I can't see the connection. Gender equality and maybe even age equality sure, but I don't see where race can come into play. I can't even think of a scenario where abortion could be used in a racially harmful way

  • Abortion has nothing to do with racial equality.

    Abortion has nothing to do with racial equality. Abortion has more to do with morality and family values. It has to do with the deterioration of the basic family value of a mother, father, and two children. These values or lack thereof can be found in any racial group. This question focuses on the wrong issue.

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