Abortion: Is abortion justified when an unborn child suffers a disability?

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  • Never ever ever

    There is no morally acceptable reason for abortion other than an already dead child(which isn't really abortion but removal), cases of rape or incest as an option, or if the mother's life is threatened because it's sacrificing 1 to save another vs losing 2. Murdering a child with disabilities in the womb because they don't want to take care of them is pure selfishness, and very wrong. For those who can't take care of such a child i'm sure someone out there would be willing who can(at least i hope so).

  • Abortion is never justified.

    A life is a life and is not ours for the taking. As a parent of a special needs child I find this question insulting. My son has taught me more about unconditional love than anyone else I have ever met. He may be different than most people but we are all different in our own way. Who is anyone else to say that his life is less valuable? He is a person with his own feelings and emotions. He has a right to life too.

  • It's not the child's fault

    I do not support abortions simply based on the unborn child having a disability. It is not the child's fault and they deserve a chance at life like everyone else. It does depend on the disability, but in most cases that is not a justified reason for having an abortion.

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