• Abortion is the death of a living 'cell', 'baby', Or 'fetus'. Every doctor in the world agrees

    I read a blog which stated:

    "Abortion Argument

    Even if embryos were babies and had the right to life, They don’t have the right to life at the expense of the pregnant person’s body. No one has the right to use another person’s body to survive. The government doesn’t force healthy people to donate blood, Marrow or organs to people who would otherwise die without these things, Nor does the government compel parents to donate these items to their children. In fact, A parent can decide to sever all parental obligations (financial, Emotional & otherwise) by placing their child up for adoption. "

    To this, I am lost for words. For instance, In China, Impoverished Uighar muslims are being murered while we sit here. They are being murered and their organs are being harvested for the rich across the world. Some of the catholic church has spoken up on this but not many others.

    The UK, USA, Egypt and many other western countries are complicit in this murder. But you won't hear about it via the media.

    Re this statement above on Abortion.

    We value LIFE so little in the last 60 years, That we are even in a position where an eminent Lord from the House of Lords flagged up possible killings of elderly in carehomes. He cited this was happening definitely in the UK. These elderly miraculously died in the same week, Hundreds of them and no one batted an eye. I think his name is Lord Alton. I also think they looked down on him after he exposed this, In the sense they are trying to get rid of the truth.

    Years ago, My brother forced his girlfriend to abort. He was incredibly immature, As the girl was far too decent for the likes of him. I just want to say, 10 years on having not known, That this baby would have saved my family. My dad died prematurely, From an unhappy marriage to my controlling mother. My brother followed suit.
    I miss this aborted baby. I miss him.

  • Abortion is wrong

    When you try to have a baby you are accepting the risk that the woman can get pregnant. Even if you have a birth control those things are not perfect. It is very possible that they can fail. If a woman gets raped the life of another should not be compromised, The baby did nothing wrong, All it did was just live. The government should make a very severe punishment for those who rape girls. It should be one of the following, Getting castrated, Or receiving a death sentence. Also, If giving birth to a baby will result in death to the mother, The mother is accepting that risk when she tries to have a baby. The baby is an innocent being that is being created in the womb, Free of any wrongdoing yet they get thrown in the trash and are stripped of their chance to live. Also, If people don't want to take care of their baby that is fine, They can just put him or her up for adoption, So that they can enter a loving family. Some people abort their babies because they have birth defects, But many people with birth defects have accomplished great things. If killing babies is socially accepted, Soon enough people are going to make it socially acceptable to kill infants. Some people argue that that baby is too small to be a life, But does that mean that shaquile o neil has more of a life than danny devito? Others believe that it is the mother's right to kill the baby. After all its her body so its her choice right? Wrong, Just because the has a horrible mother it doesn't give the baby a chance to abort.

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