Abortion: Is it wrong to equate abortion with Eugenics?

  • Yes, it is wrong to equate abortion to Eugenics.

    Eugenics is a philosophy about improving the human gene pool by only allowing certain traits upon reproduction. Abortion is getting rid of an unwanted child. These things might seem similar but they are in fact opposite. People who get abortions are smart. This means they are eliminating babies that would go to a smart person. It is the opposite of eugenics.

  • Abortion is a choice

    It is absolutely wrong to equate abortion with eugenics. Abortion is a decision made by a woman to terminate a pregnancy in her own body. Eugenics is the systematic selection of who should or should not be allowed to give birth. Abortion is a choice, not a mandate by a government.

  • It's a matter of definition, not conflation.

    While abortion has sometimes been a tool of eugenics practitioners its goal is improving the overall genetic health of the human population through research to eliminate diseases and improve humanity's quality of life. Abortion, leaving aside the moral arguments, is simply a matter of birth control and most usually a personal choice for a woman and her conscience, with nowhere near the same societal impact.

  • Yeah, it is.

    Abortion and eugenics are totally different. Both have pros and cons that need to be considered by they do not relate. Eugenics can help a child if they are at risk of being born with a defect, or coming up with a good healthy baby. While abortion just gets rid of the child as a whole.

  • Intentions are different

    Even through these might be related, what does Eugenics care about the safety of the mother, the better life the abortion might just bring to the mother? Abortions are(or, should) not (be) intended to give the mother a better child, but to make her life a better place. Also, abortion of defected child are not an Eugenic behavior, by my opinion. What a bad place it would be for both the mother and the child?

    Posted by: Ziuu
  • 21% of all American pregnancies end in abortion

    While black females and those grouped under the racial title of "other" have a rate of abortion twice that of white non-hispanic females... White females remain in the majority of the population. This means that the number of dead "proto-infants" is effectively equal in number. Effectively there is no net gain in the "desired" population thus putting the lie to this idiocy. The moreso as within the white population abortions tend to be had by the more affluent versus in the minority community where the least affluent abort.

  • Abortion is not the same as eugenics.

    It is absolutely wrong meaning. Abortion is not the same as eugenics and they have absolutely nothing common. The reason, why some women want or neet to perform and undergo an abortion is that they are either to young to have a baby or they have another reasonable reason. For instance they were raped or fetus is not geneticaly health. Therefore, they are voluntarily able to undergo it. On the other hand, there are many so called pro-life groups which are contrary to abortion because of religious or social reasons. They claim that the fetus is human being which has right for life.

  • About 60% of women who have abortions have children already

    The eugenics movement IS actually a part of our history: the sterilization of minority women, and the holocaust. Comparing this to abortion is insensitive and incorrect. The eugenics movement has racist roots, that tried to weed out racial minorities.
    When the majority of women who seek abortion already have children, you can clearly see that it does not parallel eugenics.

  • Not it is not.

    Especially when you consider that Margaret Sanger, who would go on to found what would become Planned Parenthood, awes a major advocate of Eugenics and abortion was one way of achieving that goals. She was also a racist that wanted to decrease the black population as much as possible. It is also used in China for sex selection reasons and this too is a form of gender based Eugenics.

  • Abortion vs eugenics

    Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood. She was a racist and a purist. She wanted to exterminate the black and other minority races using birth control, sterilization and abortion. People who favor Planned Parenthood should read the 10 Eye-Opening Quotes of Margaret Sanger. Didn't Hilary Clinton receive the Margaret Sanger Award?

  • Both are survival of the wanted.

    If an unborn child is wanted by its mother, then it doesn't get aborted. If a type of person is wanted by the leaders of society, then it doesn't get sterilized, aborted, ect.
    If an unborn child is unwanted, it gets aborted. If type of person is unwanted by the leaders of society, then they get sterilized, aborted, ect.
    Is it wrong to equate survival of the wanted by society to survival of the wanted by an individual? Personally I think not.

  • No, it's right - as is abortion

    Anyone who bawls about minorities dwindling in population is a moron. Abortion is the greatest thing since sliced bread. You don't really make anything better by adding dozens of millions of blacks to America, do you? No one would say that. Yet no one is willing to point that out when conservative asses make the abortion-eugenics comparison.

  • Watch maafa 21

    The entire pro choice movement started as a way to keep the black population down. The first groups to speak out against abortion were black rights groups like the black panther party and nation of Islam. Planned parenthood the largest abortion provider was founded by a racist eugenasist named Margaret Sanger who went to a klan rally which she talks about in page 366 of her biography and who called black people weeds. 50% of black pregnancies end in abortion and that's because 78% if planned parenthood clinics are in their areas. If you watch maafa 21 you'll see how abortion and eugenics to hand in hand. Abortion was only legalized to keep the black population down. Anyone who believes other wise is ignorant or in denial.

  • The comparison is fair. Abortion and Eugenics are not completely without some similarities. They can be equated by the things they have in common.

    When abortion, eugenics like genocide are being compared and equated, it is not to say that all three are exactly the same thing. Obviously, there are things that make each one a different act. BUT! A crime against humanity is a crime against humanity and it is on that level that they can all be equated with one another.

  • No, it is pure evil.

    Abortion is the devil at work. What right do people think they have to kill an innocent human being while it is alive. If women do not want children, they should not have sex, and if they were raped, there are methods to take to stop the creation of a human being. Abortion is never justifiable, it is murder in coward's blood.

  • That is one of the ulterior motives of abortion

    They want to weed out the "weak" before they have a chance. Soon they"ll recommending abortions for ADHD and autism. They already promote it for down sydrome. Your child will have trouble paying attention and will be hyperactive at times he shouldn't be allowed to enter society. We are slowly moving that way.

  • Abortion came from eugenics

    If you look into the history behind the abortion and birth control industry, eugenics is at the core. It was created with the intention of restricting reproduction of the "unfit". This can still be seen today, as most abortion clinics are strategically placed in low-income, minority-populated areas and genetic testing is performed to weed out any sort of abnormality. Eugenics is not only equated with abortion but succeeding through abortion - 90% of babies with Down Syndrome are aborted while African Americans have had 28% of their race wiped out by abortion.

  • The philosophy behind both are related.

    While they directly overlap in conditions where there is an unborn handicapped child in the womb, they overlap in understanding. The basic argument is the same, some people are more worthy of life than others.

    They both reject the basic premise that all people are equal regardless of age, race, sex, ability, illness, etc. Instead they both justify the murder of an innocent human being based on an arbitrary set of characteristics.

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