• Abortion is Murder!

    Murder is the killing of an innocent human life. Abortion is the killing of an innocent human life. Therefore, abortion is murder.
    Many reject the idea that abortion which is killing the fetus in the womb is the murder of an innocent human life. However, the answer to a few simple questions prove that the unborn child is an innocent human life. Is "that" which is growing within the mother's womb alive or dead? Of course it is alive. Is "that" which is growing within the mother's womb human? Of course it is human. Is "that" which is growing within the mother's womb guilty or innocent? Of course it is innocent. The conclusion then is logically drawn by every rational person that the unborn in the mother's womb is ALIVE, HUMAN and INNOCENT. Therefore, the unborn child is an innocent human life! So abortion is murder.

  • Yes it is murder

    Abortion is murder. Each abortion snuffs out an innocent human life. Tragically, doctors have deceived the American public. Referring to unborn babies as "fetus," "embryo," or "zygote," may be scientifically correct, but does not change the fact: These little ones are little human beings. Though called "parasite," "blob," or "tissue," give each wee creature about 266 days after conception and see what emerges from his mother's womb. It will be a human baby, not a zebra, a trout, frog or an orangutan.

  • It definitely is!

    In America, it is illegal to break an eagle egg, the symbol of America, which is in a developing, unborn, state. Yet we're allowed to kill an infant in an unborn state. We'd rather take a human life than a bird's. In case of rape, then It's understandable, but really? We need to get our priorities straight. We're valuing a bird, over life of a human being, our own race!

  • It is Murder

    If you made the decision to have sex, premarital or not, you should be ready to take on the responsibilities of a parent. Imagining killing a newborn baby because you don't want him or her. Especially as a fetus, you snip the limbs off like nothing, then the head. You are beheading a child! Imagine what this person could be in life! Having sex should be primarily for childbearing. If you don't want a child, use protection and birth control. As for rape, it's a sensitive issue, but at least give the child up for adoption instead of killing it.

  • It's a human being, not a choice.

    The choice was made in conception. If the conception was evil, as in rape or incest, adding Murder to the laundry list will not make it better. There are waiting lists for adoption- people are going to other countries to adopt, because they can't do it here. We have murdered over 45 million since Roe v Wade. How many more must we kill in the name of convenience?

  • It is murderer

    When did killing your own flesh and blood become ok? When did killing a baby become ok? Anyone who is pro choice should look at actual pictures of aborted babies. Tell me that's not murderer. Pro choice people should watch a video of an abortion and than they can tell me if it's murderer or not. Abortion is murderer.

  • For heavens sake, it's not even a baby yet!

    Okay let's take it from your point of view then. ^^
    Abortion is murder. It's life. You kill a baby.
    Throwing out a condom is murder. You kill millions of babies.
    Having your period is murder too. You kill another baby.
    Eating an egg is murder. That could have been a chicken.
    Gosh stop!
    There's a reason why the doctors put the 3 month trial. It's just a bunch of cells evolving. Don't trust everything you read on the internet.
    I had an abortion when i was 19 and it was just a little weird form with the size of my thumb.
    Then let's imagine the child is born.
    -The 14-year old mother killed herself because every time she looks at her baby she's reminded of the man that raped her.
    -The other mother can't take care of the child financially and ended up leaving the baby on the street or somewhere else.
    -The third mother lost the carrier she worked so hard for.
    -The pregnant lady tried to abort herself and ended up dying.
    There would be a lot of problems. Women would try to get abortion somewhere else if it was illegal, We would have to eat insects and other stuff because of way too much world population and it would ruin lives.
    I have 2 kids myself and i love them very much, but i chose to have them. I can afford to have them. I can give them the life they deserve. And i know that having a baby means giving A LOT of your time.
    I couldn't when i was 19. I was poor, I was single and I was just a student. A child myself actually. So if you guys want to close down abortion then fine but it's a primitive way of thinking. It way cost a lot of problems and also ruin more life than expected.

  • No, it's not.

    Murder as the intentional, unlawful taking of a human life.

    Roe v Wade made abortion lawful.

    Medical science shows a fetus is not a living individual, and wouldn't be considered "taking a human life".

    But let's continue:

    Why would some consider it murder?

    Is it because it's ending the POTENTIAL for human life?

    Sperm, eggs, (and with continued advancement in medical science) any cells that can replicate contain the potential for human life.

    Masturbation, menstruation, or scratching my nose could be tantamount to the prevention or genocide of potential life. But we don't consider these acts or cycles to be murderous.

    Is it ending of something SELF-AWARE?

    There are many animals we consider to be self aware, but don't consider it murder to kill an orangutan, dolphin, or magpie. This is already assuming that a fetus is self-aware, of which medical science does not consider it so.

    Abortion definitely isn't murder. And to go one step further, it's not even killing a child.

    Putting pictures of cute, fat smiling babies is an appeal to emotion. An act of desperation when faced with arguing a point with no science behind it.

  • The f*cking definition of murder is illegitimate killing.

    If the law allows it, it can't be murder, dipsh*t.

    Soldiers kill, it isn't murder.

    We slaughter pigs, it isn't murder.

    We eat fish eggs, it isn't murder.

    We send MMA fighters to risk death in rings, it isn't murder.

    We clap our hands, it isn't murder.

    We wash our dishes, it is murder of bacteria... Just kidding, it isn't.

  • Is war murder? Is manslaughter?

    Many innocents die in war, military commanders are aware of this and yet proceed to wage wars we know are not always justified. Is there an outcry to end war, or manipulate governments to make wars less easily facilitated by arms manufacturers? Fetuses have no legally defined rights to life which supersede the health of their mothers and the right of their doctors to decide what procedures to perform to ensure the health of the mother. If a fetus is viable, yet allowing that fetus to be born will likely result in the mother's death, knowing this, should the doctor be charged with murder? We have legal definitions for situations where death results through accidental or non-premeditated circumstances, which we don't label or apply the consequences of "murder". Abortion is the intentional termination of a potential life, but a fetus doesn't have a defined legal right to life, so denying that life cannot be considered murder without a constitutional redefinition of fetus rights. Harassing women and doctors for exercising their legal rights by passing restrictive, mean-spirited laws which don't respect the considerations of those individuals for their own health and well-being is un-American and a poor prioritization of effort on the part of heavily conservative-donor-influenced legislators in red states.

    Posted by: SeeM
  • Depends on the situation

    There should be limitations, as in if you are already six months pregnant, you should not be able to abort. However, anything before at least three months should be allowed.
    For the people saying, if they are raped they should still have the baby and just put the child up for adoption. What makes you think that is so easy? And, how do you know the child will end up with a nice family? For all we know, the child can end up in a run down foster system living a terrible life.

    Posted by: iKON
  • No, abortion is not murder by the current definition.

    It is obvious that the law does not classify aborton as murder. I have a question for the so called pro-life people: what makes you think that death is the worse thing that could happen to someone? How do you know that that soul doesn't go on to be born to someone else? How do you know that the life of the fetus, if allowed to come to term doesn't turn out to be another Bundy?

  • No It's not ...

    The YES people; What you all saying is completely insane, I am a man and I will not be able to describe the feelings of a woman when she has to go through abortion for some reason, but obviously its impossible to have a baby every time someone conceive. The world will burst sooner cause of bloody population and we will run out of resources sooner then we think. Also, who had given a right to a man and a woman to have a sex and produce someone without his/her permission.

  • Stop fueling anti-abortion arguments with religion. Religion is not the answer. Logic is.

    Unless the fetus would be able to live without any medication or help from doctors if cut out from the mother's body, the child is an entity belonging to the mother's body. In other words, at this point, the fetus is still a part of the mother, thus the mother should be able to decide what happens to the child. It would not be fair for the mother to have to keep this child if she cannot afford to care for the child- mentally, physically, or financially. I don't think that adoption is an answer either. Anyone who suggests you carry the baby to term and adopt it out has obviously never looked into the adoption system. Most of the children in that system get seriously mistreated. Abuse is rampant, and as a former victim myself, I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

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