• There will always be unwanted children

    Having a child is a huge event in your life, perhaps the biggest. Everything changes the moment that you come home with your baby, and there will always be people out there who do not want to, or cannot, support a child. Having abortions legal but rare is better than having unsafe procedures in back alleys.

  • Yes, nothing will prevent people from having abortions.

    People will always want abortions, and they will always find ways to get them, regardless of the laws. When abortion was illegal in the United States, people still got them. In countries where it is illegal now, people still get them. The best way to reduce the number of abortions is to combat the main causes of abortion, which are lack of education about sex and birth control, lack of access to birth control, and poverty, among others. Abortions will never completely end, but there are ways to reduce the number.

  • Yes, there will always be abortions.

    As long as there is fear of birth control and teens feel they have to hide their sexuality, there will be unwanted pregnancies. The only way to combat this is through birth control and education and to take the fear out of sexuality so that no one has to make this choice.

  • There will always be abortions

    There will always be abortions sought and performed. Although the availability of affordable birth control and education has cut down abortions, there will always be people that seek abortions. Even prior to abortion being legal, people sought it out. There are many reasons, such as teenage pregnancies and economic hardship.

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