Abortion rates lowest in 40 years: Is this an indication that it's time to ban abortions?

  • Abortion kills the pre-born

    Abortion medically and scientifically speaking kills the pre-born. Babies have basic human rights and deserve to live regardless of the situation. They shouldn't be seen as a burdon, but as a blessing. Additionally, there are always other options available like adoption. Even in tough situations, harming another human being won't help solve the problem.

  • What about the child's life?

    If we begin mass murder at the beginning of life, what is stopping us from saying that it is okay later on in life? We have no scientific answers saying a definite on when life begins so I believe that means that we should start protecting it in the embryonic state. Why should we be given the choice of saying someone doesn't have the right to begin life?

  • The unborn have the same negative rights as the living.

    To begin, a human fetus is a human being. It is living; it is human, comprised entirely of human DNA; and it is individual, with DNA distinct from both the mother and the father. Therefore, it is a human life and deserves the same negative right to life that other humans possess. Then, there is the argument of whether or not making abortion illegal or legal will lead to the fewest number of abortions and the best outcome. Pro-choice proponents often cite the

  • Abortion is Harmful

    Abortion is not only harmful for the baby, but the mother too. It harms the whole family, who was probably hoping for their baby. Abortion should not be legal, as there are other less harmful ways to go. You should warn your family first. So please, stop abortion. For the sake of babies, and mothers.

  • It's never time to ban abortions

    The fact that abortion rates are lowest in 40 years means that something is being done correctly. Whether it be education or access of healthcare (I'm guessing a combination of both) we have something good happening. Abortion is legal, the supreme court has already decided this. We aren't going to go back on that now. We just need to be sure to continue on this positive trend. The repeal of Obamacare and the defunding of Planned Parenthood are both factors that are sure to contribute to higher abortion numbers in the future if passed. We need to be sure we are moving forward, and not backward!

  • Choice is key here

    Although many say that abortion kills the fetus, think about the mother. If the mother is thinking about abortion, she is not ready. Whether its the fact that she is too young, or that she doesn't want to be a mother, she is simply not ready. By taking away her freedom of being able to choose what she wants, her life is essentially being taken away. It is her body which we are talking about. Her life which we are talking about. Her body or her life is else's decision. I am not saying that I fully support abortion. Do I think its right? Not really. Do I think its wrong that she doesn't have a choice? Yes, even more than I think its wrong to take away a possible (emphasize possible) life.

  • No, banning abortion won't accomplish anything.

    Let's ignore the question of whether abortion is immoral, and work from the assumption that it is a bad thing that should be avoided. Making abortion illegal will not reduce the number of abortions very much, if at all. When abortion was illegal in the United States, people still got abortions. Now, in countries where abortion is illegal, people still get abortions at fairly high rates. In both cases, abortion is much less safe, and women regularly die. In countries where abortion is legal, like the U.S., abortion is very safe. Instead of making abortion illegal, we should focus on reducing abortion by combating the main causes of abortion, such as lack of access to birth control, lack of sex education and poverty.

  • No, abortions should not be banned in reaction to the lowest abortion rates in 40 years

    While no one is advocating that more abortions should be performed, it is true that abortions are a vital service that women in every state need to have access to. I think that it is likely that the drop in abortions is tied to more restrictive state laws that prevent women from getting the procedures that they need, and that this figure does not indicate a reduction in need for this service.

  • If the rates are low, why would we need a ban?

    The rates have fallen without a ban so there really is no need for a ban. I don't understand why there should be a ban on abortion when we know that sexual assault still takes place. There is also a medical need for abortion because in some cases the mother's life is in danger and there are cases when the baby won't survive. I understand the need for proper vetting when it comes to abortions but I don't think there should be an outright ban.

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