Abortion: Should abortions of any kind be permitted?

  • Abortions Should Be Permitted

    Yes, abortions should be permitted. There are several valid cases to permit abortion. For example, if a woman's health is in danger, an abortion should be permitted. Likewise, in cases of incest or rape, a woman should be allowed an abortion. Finally, and most importantly, a woman should be allowed to say what happens to her body.

  • Abortions the better option in some cases

    Abortions prevent unwanted babies from being put into an environment that doesn't want them. This prevents people who aren't ready to have children from having to give up their lives for something they don't want. I believe it is more cruel to force a child into a situation where it isn't wanted and will not be properly cared for, than to end a pregnancy while a child has no capacity to think or feel.

  • Theyre going to happen no matter what

    I think what people fail to understand is no matter what happens, whether or not abortions are illegal or legal, theyre going to happen. And by making it legal, there would be an immense drop in unsafe abortions, since women wouldnt be going to unliscenced places to get the pregnancy terminated. Unsafe abortions can cause infections, infertility, incomplete removal of the fetus, and in some cases, death. Legal abortions are much safer for the mother.

  • Don't kill people!

    Read the bible."Thou shalt not kill." That includes babies! Abortionist doctors stop innocent children from having a good chance at life. This is evil. EVIL! Do you know how abortion works!? They stick tweezers inside the uterus, and pinch off the limbs, then the head! I CRIED FOR OVER AN HOUR BECAUSE OF THIS!!!! IT'S EVIL AND INHUMANE, AND NO HUMAN OR ANIMAL SHOULD HAVE TO BE MURDERED BY THEIR OWN MOTHER.

  • Abortions are never acceptable.

    Abortions are not acceptable under any circumstances. The choice is not after the pregnancy has happened but before the sexual act occurs. Women walk around talking about their body and their choice. What about the body of the baby? What choice does the baby have in the matter? A mothers job is to protect her child. If she decides to terminate a pregnancy, she should be sterilized and not allowed to have children at a later date when it is convenient for her. Adoption is a choice. Abortion is not.

  • Life is life, no matter how you choose to label it

    Abortion should never be permitted under any circumstance. It is a scientific fact that when the sperm fertilizes the egg, it becomes a life, and if that life is shut down during any point, then the life has just been murdered. In no circumstance does the conveinciece of the mother usurp the right to life that belongs to the infant. If you really don't want to raise a baby, then give it up for adoption, and a couple who can't have kids for whatever reason can get a child. You don't need to kill it instead.

  • Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

    Abortion is wrong. The Declaration of Independence tells us that everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. By killing the baby( and yes it is killing, not "getting an organ removed", )you obliterate the child's life to all three. I don't understand why anyone would support the killing of an innocent baby. This isn't about women's rights, it's about protecting the fundamental rights that every US citizen and really every person( even unborn ones) should and do have.

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