• Abortion should be outlawed

    Legislators should overturn abortion laws and completely ban the practice of aborting unborn children. Pro-choicers arguments like "women should have the right to decide because its her body" or even "the financial situation of the parents aren't feasible to grow a child", have become cliched. These are excuses. Nothing justifies abortion.

  • Life begins at contraception

    Life begins at contraception. Literally a biological fact. Ending a pregnancy requires killing the baby inside. It is MURDER. The government has to protect its citizens, including the vulnerable ones who cannot make decisions by themselves.

    If you are American then you have inalienable rights. "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness". I'm sorry what was the first one?

  • Abortion is murder

    Life begins at conception. Want proof? If you kill a pregnant women, you are charged on two counts of murder. So if this is true, then how come it is legal to kill babies otherwise? And I will not accept the logic that the baby isn't alive until it is born. What is it before then?

  • Life from conception

    Life begins when separate DNA exists. If you end that life that is Murder. Murder is illegal. Abortion is murder. A person who performs an abortion should be tried for murder. A woman who gets an abortion should be held as an accessory to that murder. She hired a hit man to kill her baby.

  • There is no justification in killing an unborn child.

    Killing an unborn child is completely wrong. You have become pregnant for a reason and now you want to change your mind by killing your unborn child? It is not right for an unborn child to be killed before it even sees light. Before you have sex, You should full well know what will happen after around 9 months. If you are simply a woman who is desperate for sex, Then use something that stops you from becoming pregnant, Not simply killing your child before it is born.

  • Life at conception

    Life begins at conception. There is no other difinable line to say where life begins. Some say birth, but what about right before the baby is born? Babies are proven to be alive before birth, and killing them is murder. If a woman doesn't want children, she shouldn't have sex. If she really doesn't want a baby. She can put the child up for adoption. Murder is murder no matter how you put it.

  • What the others on yes said.

    Life begins when the sperm makes contact with the egg, that is the point they start developing and take the first step on a long road to being born. If that PERSON gets aborted they have stopped development and have died, that is murder, just because they are developing doesnt mean that they are not human! You would not look at a child and go ''they arent done going through puberty yet, so its ok to kill them, its not like they are real people''.

  • Child sacrifice should be expected

    The government is not restricted by religious standards. The general consensus of the people is what influences lawmakers, that and money, and if the people decide life doesn't begin until whatever stage of development then that's how it is. It's not like the government cares whether people live or die; there's plenty of dying going on in the country and overseas at the hand of government organizations.

    I am religious and I think abortion is wrong, but I won't foist my beliefs on others. Child sacrifice often happened in the past and was one of the reasons God eventually took action to Judge the people of the land. It'll happen again, but it's not up to me to go and change secular law.

  • If men got pregnant there would be no debate regarding abortion!

    What a lot of BS - Murder give me a break! -

    Society is so ready to protect this" thing" but once it is born you tell it
    “Get on with it, you are on your own". We provide a lousy education system - we then generously provide housing in prison but not before we leave them hungry - be ashamed of these stats:

    16 million American kids struggle with hunger each year. An estimated 48.8 million Americans , including 16.2 million children, live in households that lack the means to get enough nutritious food on a regular basis. As a result, about 1 in 5 children go hungry at some point during the year .

    A very good reason for abortion - don't inflect your misconceived feelings on the rest of society. Do something constructive and help those that need help - those in 7th grade that cannot read - save your sanctimonious crap catholic libertarian, for your priests that are afraid that if there are too many abortions, they will run out of children to assault.

  • Abortion laws and what needs to be done

    I think that abortion is OK if the baby is just a tiny little bean and i personally don't think it is murder. If somebody is not ready to bring a human being into the world because they are poor or addicts (ETC) than i think they are better off not being in the world with people that cant take care them and cant provide for them with all of the things the need like clothes and food and an education. Abortion laws

  • Abortion is undoubtedly killing a child; however-

    It's clearly killing. There's no doubt about it. Pro-choicers should be clear about this topic. However, Pro choice does not denote pro-abortion. Outlawing abortion is about the worst thing you could do about the issue. Pursue sex education, Better birth control, Anything besides the literal last resort / extreme. Think with you are tiny inferior brains, Read the Violinist argument, Realize there are better ways to tackle the issue, , , Enjoy you are day

  • Abortion is Last resort

    Abortion is incredibly sad, But in the end, The mother’s life over the babie’s. If pregnancy puts the mother’s life at risk or if the mother is under 17, Abortion should not be illegal. The abortion should also only be legal early in the pregnancy. Abortions for rape victims should also be legal, Although they are very rare.

  • A Woman's Body is Her Choice

    One argument that Pro-Life supporters state is that the government needs to protect all of its citizens. They state that a child is living since contraception. These arguments have valid points, but are missing key facts that may sway citizens in a different direction.

    The argument that states that the government needs to protect its citizens brings up another issue: Gun reform. This argument plays out the same way, but for gun reform, the difference is that the victims are living in society, touching others' lives, contributing to society, and maintaining relationships with others' surrounding them. The victims of shootings have created wonderful lives to be taken away. This disproves the argument of taking a baby's life away. This is because although the unborn child is living as a fetus, it doesn't have a real life. There is no quality to life.

    One reason that women should be allowed to decide what they want to do with a pregnancy is for health reasons. If a living woman is going to die or become seriously harmed due to birth, she should be allowed to choose what she wants to do for her health. Another reason that a woman should be allowed to choose is because of financial state or presence of father. This is because if a woman doesn't have the support or money that is necessary to love and nurture the child, she doesn't want the child to suffer through his/her childhood. A supporting fact to this argument that truly makes one think about this issue is if a woman is prohibited from having an abortion, then the father should be prohibited from leaving. This point doesn't really mean that abortions can be outlawed if fathers must stay with their babies, but rather it is saying that we, as a society, need to look at the women's perspective.

    Overall, a woman's body is her choice. She should decide if she wants to have a baby. Having a child makes a large difference in one's life that a woman might not be ready for just yet, and that is fine.

  • Yeah, no. It shouldn't be.

    Abortion should absolutely not be outlawed, for multiple reasons. For one, it could potentially save the life of the mother. "But you're killing the baby!" I disagree, up to a point. The fetus is developing in a way that will eventually allow it to sustain its own life as an independent organism, but at the early stages of pregnancy, that isn't the case. Call me heartless, but I'd rather women had the opportunity to abort the fetus than bring them into a world in which they might be swapped from home to home in the foster system and possibly abused, along with having the opportunity not to put her life at risk for something she'll possibly never interact with after it's born. Overall, the opportunity puts less strain on everyone and everything involved, what with taking away the strain of another living organism that has to be supported.

  • Listen up, Pro Lifers

    In my opinion you can be Pro Life. I won't agree with you, but it's a matter of principle, so I'm not going to force my opinions on you. Have a good day! What I am okay with is when people are both Pro-life and Pro-choice. It is not a decision to be made by a bunch of MALE politicians in a smoke-filled-boardroom hundreds of miles away. People on the pro-life side don't seem to understand that there is a point when most abortions occur that the "baby" is just like ten cells. Is it murder to kill something with less mental and physical capacity than a SLUG? The embryo can't feel anything when their brains haven't even started developing yet! And some people use birth control when they have sex and and still get a baby, because no matter what you do, there is always a small chance you'll get a baby! People that say "If you don't want a baby, don't have sex" don't seem to realize that it isn't that simple! Practically nothing in life is that simple! What if a woman is raped? Are you going to force her to bear a child she never even planned on having, with the father being a disgusting person that forced himself on her? What about a woman who had sex responsibly, using condoms and whatnot, and still gets pregnant? You people say that you care about the baby, but what about when it's born? You just leave it! Shame on you! It's not "irresponsible" to get an abortion! It's responsible for someone to say, "hey, I didn't mean to have this child, I won't be able to support it, and it will feel like it wasn't wanted. It's not fair to the child or me to bring it into the world. So I'll put it down while it isn't able to perceive any kind of pain." And might I remind you, this planet has SEVEN BILLION people and counting! We don't need more babies! Everyone should have LESS kids, because soon there will be cities in the most remote of places because everywhere else is full! Also, this is a way of controlling women's bodies that has been accepted because of the so-called "moral" aspect of it. The man basically did like five minutes of the actual conceiving the child, and the woman did NINE MONTHS! Not even including the actual birth, and the breastfeeding! So chill out! If you don't want to get abortions in YOUR life, OK. I won't stop you. It's your decision. But if you want to take away the rights of OTHER people in order to assert power and overpopulate the planet than I am NOT going to stand for that. Thank you!

  • Abortion should not be outlawed

    Outlawing abortion would put women at risk as women would try dangerous ways to get rid of the baby also the baby doesn't have a consciousness when it is inside the mother also rape victims would have to live with this horrible baby inside of them and that would be devastating because they would always have that terrible reminder also the women might not be ready to have a baby or would be a good mother

  • No life is better than a horrible one

    Okay I'd like to start by saying that the planet is completely overpopulated and that abortions should by all means be encouraged, certainly not made illegal. Making abortions illegal is basically dooming us all.
    Secondly: giving birth is a HORRIBLE and PAINFUL experience. Just ask your mother, your friend, your wife, whatever. I have pretty good knowledge in evolutionary science and I can assure you that the human body is not optimised for giving birth. Giving birth is dangerous and painful.

    So far we see that birth is really an inconvenience for our future as a specie and for women as it's technically torture (it is: look at the definition: a degrading (yeah women giving birth aren't a pleasant sight) painful process inflicted by someone else, in this case the baby). But some narrow-minded conservatives still consider it as a crime.

    Well let me ask this question: who are you to decide of a person's fate?

    If women want to have an abortion, it is for various reasons. Maybe they wanted a child in the first place, but then realise they are not prepared to take the burden of raising and educating a child. Maybe the birth control methods didn't work well and she has to have an abortion. Or maybe someone raped her! Are you going to deny the right to abortion to women who were raped? In this case you support the rapist and not the women!

    Just a little historic side-note. Abortion was pretty common in the past...It was just way more brutal (it involved a lot of blood and stripes and whatnot). It's just that religions (which by the way ought to be banned. Come on it's the 21st century! There is no God / Allah / Yhwh) condemned abortion, as having as many kids as possible meant more followers and therefore more power.

    So yeah, stop fighting against abortion. As long as you're not born, you have no right. This is the same way as you can't buy alcohol or vote until you're 18 (or 21 whatever). Unborn babies have no rights. That's it.

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