Abortion: Should instances of impregnation through rape justify abortion?

  • Women's Bodies Belong to Them

    Imagine being a 12 year old girl who gets raped by a babysitter or neighbor and gets pregnant. Should she be denied the right to make the decision of whether or not to keep the baby? She would have to go through 9 months of pregnancy as a reminder of the horrific act that happened to her. Then, as the baby was born, she would either take it home, which would be a further reminder, or give the child up, which will impact her and the child for the rest of their lives. Whether a woman is 12 or 72, I believe that abortion is a woman's choice, especially in cases of rape.

  • I believe in choice.

    Although abstinence is the best form to prevent child birth, I believe that the adult should have a choice in this. If a woman is raped and impregnated they are going to be forced to relive it in their own body over and over and over for the next nine months.

  • Abortion Is Wrong.

    Rape and abortion are both wrong for the same reasons. An innocent human is being brutally violated. When is it ever okay if you've been victimized to turn around and victimize someone else? Why should the child be executed for the crime of its father? You say abortion is a women's right. A right to her own body. What about all those little girls who were murdered through the process of abortion...Who never got the right to live? Someone else made the decision for her. Does the mother's right to live free from emotional stress over rule the child's basic right to live? "Relieving" emotional pain through abortion is not the answer. Abortion does not make you any less of a mother; it just makes you the mother of a dead child.

  • I do not believe rape constitutes the death of an innocent human being.

    I believe the girl should be provided with psychological help in dealing with this horrendous experience. I also believe, however, that she should not be allowed to put the child to death because of it's origins. She should be kept from harming the fetus, and given the choice upon birth to keep it or put it up for adoption. No one else will agree, I am sure, but this is the right thing to do. Abortion should never have. Benn allowed to become so commonplace. It disgusts and saddens me that the human race can allow and even encourage this behavior.

  • I am pro-life. Not pro-death.

    Obviously rape is a horrible thing for anyone to experience, male or female. But surely giving birth to a living baby would be slightly less traumatic than giving birth to a dead one, as nothing will be able to prepare you for that sight? Also, you do not necessarily HAVE to look after the baby. One option could be to allow a trusted person to care for it until you mentally recover. You could also place it into adoption centre, however this would make life harder for the child. It is still possible that they can have a loving home as most people choose to adopt babies and young children. My point is that it is not the baby's fault and it should not be killed for something out of it's control. Everyone deserves a chance at life.

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