Abortion should not be legal unless it is an ectopic pregnancy.

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  • Abortion is a kill

    Children cannot be penalized just because of its parent's behaviours. It has also a right to live just like anyone. Its parents don't have a chance to make it reject or dead. They have to take care of it. They should make empathy. It cannot be expressed under a freedom line. Freedom ends where another one's rights starts.

  • Abortion is wrong.

    That child has done nothing wrong for someone to think they're God and take it's life. Nobody should have that kind of power, especially over a innocent. Ectopic pregnancy is when the baby grows outside of the uterus. This condition is life threatening and the survival of the baby is not possible.

  • Abortion is murder.

    I believe that abortion is murder unless the mother is having an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is when the baby grows outside of the uterus. This condition is life threatening and the survival of the baby is not possible. Random word filler here for goodness sake my debating friends on here.

  • Abortion is a woman's choice.

    Abortion is the choice of the womab, and perhaps the father. What if the woman was raped, abd never intended the child? She might not be able to support for their both livings. She might not want the baby.
    What if she was too young and didn't know what ahe was doing? Maybe it was a mistake and the woman did not know that it wouldn't work out with having a baby.
    Maybe she simply doesn't want one? If a woman does not want a baby, then she mustn't have it. The baby still isn't on earth, and it's in her belly, it is a part of her! She may well decide what she wants to do with herself..!

  • Abortion should be legal.

    Abortion is a evil that we must accept, sure the choice of abortion isn't for everyone, and it shouldn't be, but it is necessary for those with pre-determined health problems, possibly a large financial problem, and in some sad cases Rape. This is the sad truth our coming up generations must face, and because these things exist abortion as an option should as well. (Option) This word is so important in this Debate. It must and needs to be an option, and not a dangerous illegal one.

  • Abortion is a necessary evil for humanity's survival.

    One of the most sacred freedoms is the right to choose what happens to ones body. In your image, you cite the Bible. The Bible- and its ensuing doctrines and interpretations apply solely to those who choose to follow them. Believing in a religion does not give that right of belief the right to trump the intrinsic freedoms of others. A woman may need to choose to have an abortion as a result of health complications or financial complications. Is it ethical to knowingly bring a child into a live of suffering or poverty? There are hundreds of thousands of unadopted orphans living miserable lives- lives that end up amounting to a slow painful death and starvation. The true immorality is knowingly allowing this starving to perpetuate merely in adherence to subjective moral codes. Abortion being defined as murder is relatively subjective. There are many conditions- such as rape or health reasons that make going through with the pregnancy an intense psychological and physical burden that may end up doing more harm than good. As such, through medical advice and proper healthcare, Women deserve the right to choose what happens to their body- free from any fear of theocratic reprisal from activist lawmakers and their relatively flawed understanding of the issue. If someone hooked up a half dead person to siphon resources from your body, wouldn't you want a say in what happens to your own body?

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