Abortion: Would a ban on abortion be unenforceable?

  • Some people need this

    For some people, being pregnant/giving birth could kill them. If abortions were illegal, poor women would just do it to themselves in an alleyway with a wire coat hanger.
    I'm pro-life, but this woman is already alive, and if the baby is aborted soon enough, it's fine really. Also, there is some sort of science that means you can take out a fetus (at a VERY early stage) and it will grow inside of someone/something else :)

  • Just look at what is already happening.

    Look at the states that have made getting an abortion more difficult. It is not that the numbers of abortions went down, they just moved out of state to states where it is easier to get one. I live in TN and we had a ballot measure last year to restrict abortion rights because they said too many people were traveling to Tennessee from other states to get one because all of the surrounding states had already already made it more difficult.

  • A ban on abortion would be somewhat unenforceable.

    When someone wants to do something (and I mean really wants to do it), they find a way to get it done. "Where there's a will, there's a way." However, this does not mean abortion should not be banned. By telling women it is not legal for them to kill their baby, it forces them to make an extra effort that they may be unwilling to make in order to have an abortion or otherwise have to look for another option that may include saving the baby's life. So in the end, I believe that although it won't save every innocent baby's life and some women might take extreme measures to rid themselves of the baby, it is important to ban abortion. Even though teenagers and others find ways to get their hands on alcohol and drugs no matter what authorities say or do, it doesn't stop us from trying to stop them anyway. Now add that in the procedure of an abortion an innocent victim is prevented from ever having a choice of life, and it just makes since to do everything in our power to make abortion illegal.

  • Making abortion illegal is too unlikely

    Think about it. Roe vs. Wade happened over 40 years ago, there's no way it would be overturned now. Plus it is too dangerous. More than half of the nation would be outraged and women wouldn't stop looking to get abortions. They would have to go back to getting back-alley abortions which puts their health and life in danger.

  • It would be dangerous and unenforceable.

    Abortions were once banned in the United States, and the result was countless numbers of young women dying from black market, back alley abortions, sometimes at their own hands. Banning abortion would not be enforceable, and would be a greater health risk than allowing it. Keep abortion legal to keep women safe.

  • Abortion will should stay around

    I do not believe that the government could enforce it due to the fact that most people in the nation believe in it and that there are plenty of doctors that are able to perform the act. I believe that if the government banned abortions then there would be a lot of illegal ones done behind closed doors.

  • It depends on how abortion would be banned.

    If abortion is banned because the fetus is recognized as an individual human being, abortion would then be labeled as murder. In that case, saying it would be unenforceable would be akin to saying the law against murder is unenforceable. It also would deter women from getting an abortion, because abortions are selfish acts to preserve the woman's way of life, and being charged with murder would be the opposite of preserving a way of life.

  • Not Unenforceable, But Unfortunate

    People seeking abortions if they were banned would have to travel to the nearest country that does allow abortions. Otherwise, people would seek alternative forms of aborting the pregnancy such as the morning after pill. Banning abortions isn't unenforceable because doctors have to keep records or do "back alley" procedures. However, a complete ban on abortions would be most unfortunate because some women would likely lose their lives trying to receive the illegal procedure.

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