• Women should have the right to choose.

    Today, abortions are legal because they are an essential human right. Husbands should support their wives' decisions if they want to have an abortion or to continue with a pregnancy. Of course, in the case of a married couple, it is a grave decision which both spouses should consider seriously.

  • Wife's Body is Her Own

    If my wife wanted to get an abortion, I would support her decision. Even if the baby was mine, it's half my fault for not controlling my muscle between my legs in the first place! If the baby belonged to someone else, then my wife and I would have an entirely different conversation than whether or not to abort the pregnancy.

  • No freaking way

    One it is out and out murder. Two- I should get a say in if my (hypothetical) wife kills my child. I helped make it, it is our fault (or responsibility) the baby is alive in the first place! It should have a chance at life. It is my kid!

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