• Yes they should

    Abortions should be farmed for stem cells, because they would be able to speed up the creation of organs and drugs to cure diseases. Since Aborted fetus's were never alive, and it does not class as murder, they should be used as a resource. Family's could be payed for their aborted fetus, and they could be grown to help living siblings.

  • Yes, with strict guidelines

    The guidelines should include limitations for what kind of testing and for what diseases. As an example: Using a fetus from a donor with a family history of breast cancer as research for breast cancer. Or using a fetus of a donor suffering from alcoholism to learn more about fetal alcohol syndrome. The testing should not be random. It would be nice to have compassion for the family and the unborn child. Not every abortion is an unplanned pregnancy.

  • Something to gain

    As death certificates for aborted fetuses are not required the information of each is reported to the Office of Vital Records. Therefore, there is a grasp of how many abortions are performed and is being dealt with.

    Elimination of in-depth information regarding biology needs strict regulation/enforcement to protect the identity of the mother needs to be in place so that we can utilize any and all information from the fetus.

  • Organ donation is okay

    We allow people to donate their organs when they die, and donating a fetus should be no different. I don't want to get into when an embryo or fetus becomes "alive" (really, a sperm cell moves on its own, so it show evidence of "life" to), but it is clear that organ donation is legal, ethical, and beneficial.

  • Setting precedent ? I'd rather not.

    Doctors, scientists, and anyone in that professional area should not have the right to take stem cells from aborted fetus'. This will create a problem where low income family's will purposefully have abortions to make some side money.
    Instead of having a baby, people will start thinking they can make money off abortions.
    New jobs would come into play for surrogate mothers to carry a fetus for a limited amount of time, just to get an abortion.
    So, lets see. Should we really lower our women's standards, should we really allow doctors to take stem cells.
    I would be more comfortable with clones of fertilized eggs and fetuses. That way people don't get emotionally stressed out when they turn to getting pregnant for a quick buck.

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