ABQ police have illegally deleted, altered videos of shootings: Should we trust the police?

  • Despite the alleged actions of the ABQ police, we should still trust the police.

    We, as a society, tend to paint all law enforcement officers with the same brush. If one officer or one department does something wrong, every officer in the country is blamed for it. However, the actions of a few do not represent the entire police force. Police are there to serve and protect. While there are a few that will abuse their position, the majority do not. Despite the actions in ABQ, we should still trust the police force.

  • We trust the police

    We trust the police, and examples like the ABQ police illegally deleting and altering videos of shootings are cherry picked examples of wrongdoing that don't even come close to representing police as a whole. It is a shame that goofy movements like BLM and other sham groups have twisted around the good that police do.

  • For the most part

    As with any other job, there are always people who aren't trustworthy. I'd say most police are trustworthy, but there are some who aren't. Some are racist, sexist and take bribes. Many are there to protect and serve, but as a whole, the police have a lot of authority and can certainly abuse it.

  • Police are corrupt.

    There have been many investigations that have shown how police are corrupt. Police steal from evidence rooms, they bully the public, and they do whatever they have to do. Sometimes, they even plant evidence. We should not trust the police because they are human. They only became law enforcement so that they would be above the law.

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