Abstinence-only (no) vs. comprehensive sex education (yes): Which approach is generally more effective at reducing teen sex?

  • Abstinence-Only Reduces Teen Sex

    I honestly do not believe either approach really makes a huge difference. I think each has there point. In Abstinence-Only, you may see some teens avoid sex because of the knowledge they have obtained from the sex education and what unanswered questions they still have. While, comprehensive education, may make them take the risks into consideration even further. If I were to guess, I would abstinence-only education reduces teen sex slightly more.

  • Comprehensive Sex Education

    Teen sex will likely never be reduced because teenagers are hormonal, but they will at least be practicing safe sex rather than having no idea what they're getting into or what they're doing. Abstinence only education causes nothing but problems for society, because eventually they are going to have sex, and they'll have no idea what they're doing to the point of accidental pregnancy.

  • Comprehensive Sex Education Best

    In today's world, comprehensive sex education is the best thing for reducing teen pregnancy rates. We don't need to reduce teen sex rates because that's an impossible goal. A better goal involves reducing pregnancy rates since teen pregnancies are a huge problem in this day and age, especially in the U.S.

  • Comprehensive sex education is the approach that is more effective at reducing teen sex.

    Comprehensive sex education is the approach that is more effective at reducing teen sex. Telling a child to be abstinence-only is not going to prevent them from acting upon sex if the temptation arises. I think it is our responsibility to teach our children everything their is to know about sex.

  • Abstinence never worked

    The idea of abstinence is great but in the real world it just isn't effective because of human nature and hormones. Since abstinence is not viable the best option becomes making sure everyone is educated on the risks and the best ways to protect yourself. Comprehensive education is far more effective than abstinence.

  • Comprehensive sex education is the best solution.

    I think we should be focusing less on reducing teen sex and more on increasing teen knowledge about sex and how to protect themselves. Knowledge is power and if more teens were provided comprehensive sex education, they could make more informed decisions for themselves and maybe even choose to abstain instead of doing so out of fear. There are plenty of studies that show that the states with abstinence only sex ed. End up having higher teen pregnancy rates. Refusing to fully educate teens doesn't lead to less sex, it leads to less protected sex.

  • Abstinence is more effective

    Abstinence is definitely more effective, although it is a much harder message for teens to swallow. They'd rather be given free condoms and green light to have sex. However, there are just too many dangers in being sexually active for teens, and they need to be educated on that and advised to abstain.

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