Abstinence-only vs. comprehensive sex education: Are virginity pledges a good idea?

  • Yes but we still need full sex education

    I do think virginity pledges are a good idea but that does not mean we should stop there. We need comprehensive sex education and then we can combine that with virginity pledges. The reason is no matter how many people make the pledge there will be a number of them who break it.

  • Virginity Pledges a Viable Idea

    Without a doubt, students should learn both abstinence and contraception as options for sexual education. Virginity pledges are a good idea, even if students don't always follow them. Many youngster need something they can follow, and a virginity pledge is a great motivator for certain people to stay away from sexual intercourse.

  • Yes, they might help someone.

    Yes, a virginity pledge is a good idea, because it can help some young people to make good choices. It is important for students to think about their choices ahead of time so that they have already thought through their choices in advance. Although most students probably won't follow their pledges, if it helps someone, it's worth doing.

  • No, virginity pledges are foolish.

    Abstinence-only education has been proven to be a statistically ineffective tactic. People are going to have sex. It's a fact of life. The only way to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted children is to advocate for all types of sex education. Young adults need to have access to all of the available options.

  • They don't work

    Virginity pledges add too much pressure to a topic that there's already a pretty good deal of it. Teenagers are going to have sex, and trying to forbid them from doing so is merely going to make it happen quicker. Instead of trying to stop something that's going to happen anyway, time should be spent trying to make them responsible in terms of protection, understanding the magnitude of it, etc.

  • No virginity pledges serve no good purpose.

    A virginity pledge is a big grandstanding action but it says or does nothing. What it can do is try to hold young people to a standard that might not even be helpful in today's world and make them feel bad if they can't. What should be being taught is responsible sexuality and the way to make choices that are of benefit to the person.

  • Virginity Pledges Make the Idea of Sex More Interesting

    Virginity pledges actually make people more interested in
    sex. As Shakespeare wrote, “the strongest oaths are straw to the fire i’ the
    blood.” In other words, the more someone resolves not to be interested in sex,
    the more interested they become. It’s like trying not to think of a blue
    giraffe. Try not to think of one, and you think of it constantly.

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