Abstinence-only vs. comprehensive sex education: Is the abstinence-only message appropriate?

  • Yes, Abstinence-only is the only appropriate message.

    I believe that the abstinence message is the only appropriate message for underage children [because] they are still children. In my opinion, sex education should only be available to adults and underage children with parental consent. A parent should have a choice on whether or not sex education should be part of their child's curriculum.

  • Give us the Information: Give us the Choice

    Having only been taught an abstinence-central curriculum, students are not prepared or able to correctly practice safe sex. It is essential that students have the information necessary to make their own decisions when it comes to their bodies. The choice whether or not to have sex at the age at which many of these students are being educated is an important one, one students should be allowed to make for themselves, provided they've been informed of all the risks and repercussions that might accompany it. Sexual education that focuses only on abstinence doesn't prepare students for the circumstances they might find themselves in.

  • Both methods should be discussed

    Abstinence is the only method of avoiding pregnancy and STD's. That being said, it's unrealistic to think that teens aren't having sex. They need to have at least a basic understanding of the consequences of sexual activity and be informed about contraception. It's perfectly appropriate to give an abstinence only message, but not without sex education.

  • Only causes problems

    Whether parents like it or not, teenagers are going to be experimenting sexually and there's not really much that they can do about it. The best thing for teenagers to learn is comprehensive sex education to guarantee that they are going to approaching these behaviors safely and without any shame or harm.

  • No it is not.

    I do not think that the abstinence-only message is at all appropriate. It is okay to teach abstinence but those who do need to realize that there is a good chance it won't be followed. Leaving kids with no knowledge about birth control or disease it irresponsible. Both points of view need to be taught.

  • No abstinence message does not work

    No you need more than just an abstinence message to be effective. Teenagers are going to do what they want and give into hormones no matter how much you tell them not to. In order to make them the best prepared for this we need to have sex education not just abstinence education.

  • Not appropriate at all if reality has any weight

    Abstinence only as it applies to sex education has never been a realistic message and it most probably will never be realistic in the future. Sure, there are some young people who have practiced abstinence, but they learned these values at home. Our education system needs to reach a far more comprehensive demographic and this requires a genuine message that they can realistically apply.

  • Abstinence only does not work

    Abstinence only sex education in schools does not work. Young people are going to have sex no matter what. It is best to educate them properly on all subject matter. Abstinence only is an ignorant view of sexual education. I think that abstinence only can also be taught, as long as it is being taught alongside other methods.

  • No Sex Abstinence

    Sex Abstinence as a form of sex education is not a good working model. Sex education is taught when adolescents are at their peak interest in sex. Teaching adolescents to abstain from sex most likely will make them participate. The most appropriate sex education is to teach on sex contraceptives.

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