Abstinence-only vs. comprehensive sex education: Should sex be saved for marriage?

  • In a perfect world, sex should be saved for marriage.

    In a perfect world, sex should be saved for marriage. It would cut down on a lot of things like unwanted pregnancies and STDs. However, I think for most people waiting for marriage is unrealistic and in this case it's really important that people are given a good sexual education so they know how to keep safe.

  • I wish I had waited.

    I wish I had been taught to save myself for marriage instead of being taught to wait for someone I loved. I loved someone who didn't happen to love me. Had I waited for marriage, I would not have gone through that heartbreak nor would I have gone through the pregnancy scares or a surprise diagnosis of a STD. I also wouldn't be so upset with my current sexual situation if I had not had someone else to compare him to sexually. Abstinence is best. I hope some of you young ladies out there have the wisdom that I did not have.

  • Wait for Marriage

    Sex should be saved for marriage because it is the woman who most likely would have to raise a child is pregnancy results. Threfore, sex should be saved for marriage so the male partner has a legal responsibility to care for the child that could be conceived as a result.

  • No they should not

    Books, unlike tablets, can not get hacked, they can not crash or freeze and they can not die. The average life span of a tablet is 7.26 hours which is shorter than a full shcool day. And tablets are most likely to get stolen than text books. Tablets increase the numberof excuses available for students. (I couldn't find my charger, my tablet broke/froze, forgotmy tablet at home, ect.?

  • It is a personal choice when to have sex.

    Sex is something that is a personal choice whether you have it or not. If you believe that it is right or moral to wait until you are married to have sex, then by all means wait for that special moment and someone. Most people, however, will not and do not want to wait for marriage which is completely okay.

  • It should not.

    People should be taught comprehensive sex education and not abstinence only. In this day and age, you know that there is almost no one who saves sex until they are married. So it would be a much smarter idea to teach everything about sex in schools then it would be to only teach abstinence only.

  • It's not practical

    The culture we live in is one that waiting until marriage isn't very practical, because when people determine the time for marriage is varies greatly. If it's for the right reasons, sex before marriage is perfectly acceptable and it isn't something in 2014 we should be trying to make anybody ashamed of.

  • It's A Personal Decision

    I believe it is very admirable for someone to save themselves for marriage, but it could also end up being a very naive decision as well, because sexual appetites and ideas often clash. Since sex is an important part of marriage and can decide if it will fail or prosper, I view it as a risk to wait. But, these are my personal opinions and I think other people should be able to decide for themselves on this topic without worrying about what others will think.

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