• What is Art?

    Art has long been under the modernist's grasp, Holding it hostage as a subjective hodgepodge where anything goes.

    When we are discussing art, We are referring to man's selective recreation of reality in accordance with his values. The process of making art is one where man isolates and integrates the aspects of reality that he holds as important. It is a symbol of how he views existence and himself. Art is the telling of a man which aspects of his life that he holds dear, And gives him the ability to bring his widest abstractions and conceptualizations directly into his perceptual awareness.

    Abstract "art", By contrast, Reflects none of these views. Abstract art is a negation of man's values and convictions in favor of blind acceptance. Art that does not express anything at all could not be considered art. This kind of "art" represents the "artist"s" view on life, Which is that anything goes. That the power to think is far too difficult. That any abstraction has meaning and value, Which deteriorates the entire concepts of meaning and value.

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