• It depends upon the purpose for which the abuse has been wrought about.

    If physical, Mental, Or spiritual abuse performed earnestly not only unto those around us, But also unto ourselves do not serve to stimulate our growth into a higher state of living in an efficient manner, Then it should be rendered as an unnecessary form of abuse that should be withheld from being imposed unto anyone around you, Let alone yourself.

    If it's vice versa, Then the most appropriate and necessary within a certain limit must be imposed on your desired target, But this time solely to manifest a better expression of being, And for the greater good.

  • Abuse is Abuse.

    Your reason does NOT matter. Abuse is abuse. There is absolutely no reason for you to abuse a person or animal. Even if that person/animal is disobeying you, Figure out a non-violent way to deal with the situation. Abuse always end in a negative light, And that should be thought about before it occurs. I know that most of the time abuse happens, The abuser has a mental illness or severe anger issues, But that doesn't make the abuse itself wrong. Anger issues especially don't excuse abuse, It's controllable, And there are forms of therapy/help.

    Posted by: m0s5
  • Nothing is black and white nothng

    Abuse it wrong but there are often mitigating factors children are disobediance wives are often nagging and ingrataful there are definetely things people do to antagonize their abusers not always not even often but enough that you have to say its just true some people are just asking for it

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