• Yes, not just gluttony is to blame though.

    The chickens farmed in America are grown too quickly and too large and that alone causes suffering to the animals. Then factoring in the environment they are forced to live in causes even more pain. Many Americans choose food based on price alone, but wanting more for less isn't the only reason consumers allow companies to abuse these animals. Many consumers are ignorant to the true conditions these animals suffer through and of course these companies want to keep it that way.

  • The mass production of food has diminished the quality of care for animals that are raised for consumption

    The high demand for food continues to grow with our rising populations. Food of all types and categories are now produced in large quantities to meet the demands of society. This need has eliminated small farms and in it's place, large production facilities and slaughter houses have emerged. Animals like chickens are now viewed as profit. The drive to produce large volumes of meat as quickly as possible has eliminated the care and humane treatment of many animals including chickens in these large operations. The birds are now abused openly as the need to make money from them outweighs the ethics of quality care.

  • Their condition is motivatd by profits

    The well-being of the food stock we raise in America, be it chickens, cows or corn is a direct result of the food markets being cost driven, just as in anything else. Lowering the cost to raise a chicken or harvest an egg leaves that much more room for profit without raising consumer prices.

  • Yes, I believe that America's gluttony is at fault for abused chickens.

    Yes, I believe that America's gluttony is at fault for abused chickens because America has one of the highest percentages of obese people when compared to other nations. Chicken producers feed the animals with steroids and treat them unfairly in order to produce the meat as quickly as they can in order to quell America's ravenous appetite.

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