Academies do more harm than good; is this true?

Asked by: Inu-yasha
  • In an increasingly competitive society, Yes.

    And because society is becoming more competitive, Therefore students have a much larger workload than they should. Consequently, The excessive amounts of work placed on students' backs causes a myriad of health problems (i. E. Sleep deprivation, Inadequate nutrition, Etc. ), As well as drains students of their creativity and other important 21st century skills. Instead of focusing solely on route memorization and testing, Schools should instead focus on fostering students' thoughts and maturity and preparing them for future studies / the real world.

  • Excessive Academics Causes Health Problems

    Academics has spiraled out of control. Kids nowadays are having more health problems due to the excessive overload of homework, Such as sleep deprivation, Obesity, Among many others. Kids used to go outside and play after doing their homework; kids were allowed to have more elective classes (such as art and music), Kids were allowed to be kids.
    The problem with stress and other illnesses are also linked to academics, Which can create health problems later on if preventive measures are not in place.

  • Academies causes stress

    A lot of academies causes stress and/ or pain and overall unhappiness and this leads to stress and needs for rest, And that makes them get a day off from school so actually it harms the children's education instead of helping their education. . . Probably more harm than good. . . . . . Am I right?

  • No, Not at all.

    I don't think Academies give any kind of harm to students. It is for their betterment only. So that children could achieve something in life and become a good person.
    The only reason for the problems that occurred at academies is, Some students themselves believes that cases of failure will put so much of pressures on them because of the high expectations of families.

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