ACC Tournament: Will T.J. Warren be able to keep up his level of performance?

  • Yes, Warren is motivated

    Yes, Warren is motivated to get revenge. and there's no more powerful motivation than that. He stays in the gym 45 minutes after each team workout. He's sworn off Chinese food, and you have to be committed to pass up that delicious fried food. I wouldn't bet against Warren in this tournament.

  • T.J. Warren is Ready to Make AAC Tournament His.

    North Carolina State forward T.J. Warren decided to take his conditioning to world-class level this year. He gave up fired foods and added extra daily workout sessions. His league leading 24.8 points per game and field goal percentage of .532 lead to his selection as ACC Player of the Year. He is ready to prove his talent in showcase of the ACC Tournament.

  • Yes he should

    Yes he is young and one of the best in The ACC he will be recruited heavily into the NBA draft when it is time for him to go. It is if that is what he chooses to do. He will be an asset to any NBA team when draft happens.

  • Will Play Better Competition

    T.J. Warren won't be able to keep up his level of performance because he will run into better competition eventually, no matter which tournament North Carolina State plays in. Warren is NBA material. However, it takes a team to win games. If the Wildcats make it to the Elite Eight of whatever tournament, some defense can key on him and shut him down.

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