• I am human, they are human, WE are human.

    Part 1 We must let them come, because they are human. Some people just were born in Syria and you know those countries where there is war, and its not their fault, they just are there, and unfortunately there is war, what would you do? Would you stay there diying in the war? Or would you fight for your life, and try to do anything to go somewhere where its at least a little bit better? Its human, its normal, nobody wants to die, so everybody is trying to escape, and go to another country. I know that there is some disadventages, and that it may cause some problems, But what kind of persons are we, Europeans, if we prefer to let people die and suffer in their country, rather than come to ours. Europe, lets be a strong community, lets let these people live, they are human too. Each of us in this planet couldve been born there, suffering and diying in war. Lets do what we wouldve wanted Europe to do for us. I am not saying that we have to give them a 5star hotel and an excellent life. But the minimum, so they can live like humans. Because their countries arent countries anymore, they are battle camps. And we all come from different countries, different families, different cultures, its true that we all different, but at the end we are the same. Lets be strong, lets do the right thing, like it was our friends, because they re like us, they re human, its people. Lets be nice with them, and they will probably be nice with us. And I know it can also be economically hard to make centers for them and all of that, but there must be a way. Everything will be okay in the end, if its not okay, its not the end. These people deserve to live, like all of us do. They deserve the oppurtinity to live as a human, and they havent got it yet, in their "battle camp", yeah, because in my opinion we cannot call it a country anymore. So even if we have to make sacrifices, even if we have to do things that seem a little crazy, it is worth fighting for it? Isn't it? And loads of people will say, "yes, BUT then blablablalbla (sacrifices and thinks we will have to do so they can come to our countries)". So what? Lets at least try. Sometimes in life you have to make sacrifices, and we, the majority of the people who live in Europe are lucky enough to have this amazing life we have, food, a place where to live, no war, a school, education, a family, health, food, hospitals,...We have it ALL. We just cannot imagine our life without all these things + living in a country with war, maybe thats why so many people are against the refugees coming to our countries, maybe they just cannot imagine what they (to be continued)

  • People are people

    This is because the world has ren away from its logical and ran into trouble. They, we have separated people into classes and based on stereotypes we the people have blamed each other for events that we know they did not do. The problem is that we need to return to our previous logic and then watch Bill nye to save the world.

  • Because I am not keen of it in many ways

    Firstly, they want to avoid our country, because they do better in Germany, if people are in serious need they would be eager to stay somewhere, not just Germany, 2: My country is not prepared for this in many, many ways, not many people above 30(?) speak any other language (Russian maybe, because they had to), integration would be really hard and 17 refugees we accepted weren't very grateful for help, they broke down everything state gave them as a protest against god knows what 3: we really don't like foreigners, anytime in history other people from other countries showed up here... We lost our freedom

  • There are many terrorist and rapist and vandalism

    Many people are suffering but a lot are suffering from the refugees for example 9/11. Many people are being raped and abused by refugees.
    Just look at Sweden where its turning into anarchy and most of the refugees say that gays should be criminalised. Our European culture is dying. They are also destroying the eu economy

  • Terrorism and cultural values

    Not all Muslims are bad. That does not mean they are all good. Ever since Europe has let in all of these refugees, there has been more terrorist attacks done in the name of Islam. A
    lot of refugee men have no respect for women and the people of the LGBTQ community. The place where refugees come from mistreat women and they kill people for being gay. Their culture is very oppressive. As more and more come in, the European culture is slowly dying.

  • They should not be allowed

    Many of these refugees dont care about European culture or our religion. They dont want to adapt or act like a European at all, they want to spread their culture and religion all over our countries and make ours disappear. We need to protect our culture and so no, we should not allow muslim refugees to enter our countries.

  • Its true what the other people have said

    If so many are going to act like that in public and try to change the people and laws of the country they've come to then how can we keep saying "yes, come in, come in"? And how long until there are so many that it will affect the decisions made, and will they go back after the war is over? I doubt it. We should do what Australia did, give them supplies and food and send them on their way, some where else.
    Also, who do we know that someone whos getting in isn't an isis member?

  • Cause i said so and this website is biased

    Thats why cause i said so and this site needs more words so now i will type random stuff about random stuff. So now life is a prison and i honestly dont care right now im just wasting my time because im bored and im in school right now so now to wrap it up

  • Women and children are being raped by these Refugees.

    OK I'm not saying that all of them are bad but the good of these people are irrelevant when men are going into public pools molesting and raping children and women. A a while ago a Refugee was arrested for raping a ten year old boy in a public pool and confessed to it saying it was a "sexual emergency". GO LOOK at the news in Germany, Poland, Russian and other European countries. Muslim Refugees don't understand that Islamic Law is not enforced in European countries. Right now their are no go zones in England where police and locals are terrified to enter because they are harassed by the refugees there. ON NEW YEARS of 2016 in Cologne Germany there were dozens of reported molestation and rapes, most of which were reported to have been done by refugees. Their are videos on YouTube of these refugees protesting in the streets disgracing the countries that brought them in. Like I said before, not all Muslim Refugees are like this but again those good Refugees are irrelevant when so many are causing riots in the streets and causing fear in communities. Another point that needs to be pointed out is that they do not want to integrate with the locals of the country they are staying in. Many people have actually gone up and asked them and they all say " No we don't want to make friends here." If they do not want to integrate then will cities, schools, and even countries be divided into Muslim refugees and Non Refugees. I don't care what their religion is I really don't, but what concerns me is the way they treat others that don't fallow their beliefs. Sure, there are many extremest in every religion, but these refugees are taking it to a new level. They call women who do not cover themselves completely whores and often riot in the streets saying that Islamic Law should rule over the government. I want to help the people who are good but I can't overlook all of this evidence I've seen in the past few months. If we are to bring them into the US we should work on an integration program or at least explain to them how we act in public.

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