According to Ryan White's mother, Donald Trump never paid for his HIV Treatment. Is Trump a congenital liar?

  • Trump himself has admitted to lying.

    He has also boasted about just telling people what they wanted to hear rather than telling the truth. Unless he is lying about that too? Unfortunately, one cannot differentiate between when Trump is being truthful or lying, so he cannot be trusted. He has been fact checked extensively and has been found to repeatedly lie and deliver incorrect information during interviews, speeches, and Twitter.

  • Yes, Trump is not interested in facts and will say anything to make himself look good.

    Yes, Trump is a serial liar who will say whatever needs to be said at the moment in order for him to look good. He wants to be perceived as great and amazing. He wants people to bow down to him. He will lie about almost anything to try to convince people that he's the greatest, even though he is not.

  • I agree that Trump is a congenital liar.

    Donald Trump lies so easily and without thought that he is dangerous as an individual, let alone a celebrity and potential president of the U.S. To lie about such a thing as paying for a child's HIV treatment is below deplorable and he should be removed as a candidate for the presidency immediately.

  • Everything coming out of his mouth is a lie

    Ryan White's mother states that Donald Trump visited her, for five minutes, after her son died but never gave any money for his medical treatments while he was alive. As just about every word that leave Donald Trump's mouth is a lie, I am inclined to believe Ryan White's mother.

  • Trump never claims to have given the family money.

    He may be a liar, but not on this point. Look up credible sources on this story and you will see that Trump called the Whites, spoke to them, but never offered to pay for anything and never claimed that he did. It is an urban legend just like the story about how he paid off the mortgage of someone who helped get his limo running again.

  • Trump is not a congenital liar

    Trump is not a congenital liar. But, the liberal media will cherry pick every possible example to make it look like it. All the while, the elite media ignores the lie after lie after lie that HIllary Clinton foists upon the public. The liberal bias of the media is shameful.

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