According to statistics and performance, do you feel Germany should have won the World Cup?

  • Ironic Iconic Win

    I am going to be honest, I hate soccer, it is the most boring thing on television beside NASCAR. I do however like the fact Germany won. Mainly because they are not as well know for soccer as Brazil, Japan, Mexico, ect. Plus everyone said Italy would win, Germany proved the masses wrong!

  • Yes, although it doesn't matter that much to me.

    Winning in sports has to be based on the calls of those who are acting as referees and Germany got the winning call which has to be expected. Of course, there were many who had hoped that another culture might be able to cheer for themselves, but this win was a fine one all in all.

  • Won the final

    - Germany scored more goals than their opponent in all but one match.
    - Plus they did not need dreaded penalty kicks to advance during the knockout round.
    - Throttled host Brazil which had not lost at home since a 2002 friendly.
    - This is a terribly worded debate topic.

  • Germany's Well-Deserved World Cup Triumph

    Not being a regular sports enthusiast, I found myself captivated by this year's World Cup. It was aired in my office and I had the opportunity to hear conflicting opinions. While watching the various games, Germany played hard, set records, and earned their first place in the World Cup championship.

  • Argentina Deserve the World Cup because of the Perfomance.

    Argentina was going to win the world cup in the end, but the luck was not so good.
    Two Golden Ball nominees come face-to-face here and Mascherano must ensure Kroos cannot keep Germany ticking. This game could be decided by just one goal with La Albiceleste’s talisman Lionel Messi unlikely to get much space - so Argentina’s defence, which has not conceded since the group stage, will be vital.

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