ACLU says donations doubled over the weekend to nearly $24 million: Is the ACLU more important under a Trump administration?

  • The ACLU is more important now

    The ACLU speaks truth to power and fights for what it perceives as overreach by the Government. Considering that Mr. Trump is bound and determined to shake things up it is imperative that there be an agent on the other extreme fighting tooth and nail. The Trump Administration and the ACLU will act as good counter weights to one another.

  • Yes the ACLU is much more important under the adminstration of President Trump

    In his first week in office President Donald Trump sparked legal and constitutional challenges that have required the ACLU's 300+ attorneys around the country to challenge and address the implementation of his executive orders and statements of U.S> policy. The ACLU is primary organization that is fighting the President's attack on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They are important and need EVERYONE'S support.

  • I'm on the fence about Trump but civil liberties organizations need all the funding they can get.

    It's not just under Trump, I feel funding for the ACLU needs to be high throughout the year. I was really distressed about Trump's actions, until I noticed he's following the law. Yes, no President in recent memory has invoked this law, but it is a law. I lean towards the Democrats so I didn't come to this conclusion lightly.

  • He doesn't want to destroy liberty.

    Trump is a businessperson. He wants people to be able to do their work. Trump wants people to get through all of the government regulations so that they can get better jobs. He isn't out to destroy civil liberties. Instead, he's out to make them better. The ACLU's role in society hasn't changed.

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