• Yes, why not?

    Action movies, like all media is a way to escape. It does not have conform with the rules of the normal world. Action movies let people feel like a hero or are just a good time. I don't see anything wrong with this form of escape. Just as I don't see anything wrong when someone goes to see a cliché horror movie, even though the movie can summarized by someone who hasn't even seen it! So I say, yes to Action movies. Let huge impossible explosions live on!

  • Each to His Own

    Action movies are a form of entertainment in which I enjoy. Unlike romance stories, they are not always predictable due to cynicism by today's audiences causing a rise in "the bad guys win" type of ending. Even when they are extremely generic and obvious, they still captivate today's audience with flashy special effects. These special effects can often shield a sub-par plot line, but today's audiences demand more. Once in a while, are there Michael Bay-esque movies where the primary reason a viewer is watching is to see how much stuff blows up? Yes. Have movies evolved to keep those at a minimum. Yes.

  • The ones involving cars are stupid

    I find them dumb in all honesty. I hate it for instance when cars in these movies go at 100 miles per hour on a regular road, which should be reserved for a controlled-access highway. I can't stand that. Similar reason I hate car commercials as well. The highways are built for fast speed, not the roads.

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