Actions taken against native Tasmanians were overall good.

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  • Genocide is never ok

    The mass systematic killing of individuals in obscene and shouldn't have happened, little good resulted of it and thus it wasn't good overall. The English did a terrible thing and were never held accountable. Its so sad all these innocent people had to die because of other peoples ignorant views.

  • Of course not.

    The Australian treatment of aboriginal natives is more atrocious than most colonial human rights violations, and that's saying something, considering the level of slaughter perpetrated in the Americas.

    The Aussies are still poor neighbors to those whom they settled next to. There is quite a bit of racial tension there and even more territorial tension for aboriginal hunting grounds.

    It's not so much ignorance which contributed to this genocidal treatment of natives, but instead it is the lingering bigotry and sense of racial superiority European colonial powers possessed.

    They believed they were bringing civilization to the world. They called it the "white man's burden".

    This sense of superiority still exists, especially in many of the GOP in the US.

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