• Yes, we need to enact and enforce stricter gun laws

    The US has more gun violence than any other developed country. The key difference is those countries have strict gun laws while the US can barely enforce the few it has. The 2nd Amendment should be respected, but not at the expense of tens of thousands of lives each year. Congress should enact stricter gun laws for the states to follow including universal criminal and mental health background checks. Every gun owner should have to complete a training course and carry a license, similar to the process for getting a driver's license. All gun and ammo sales, especially if a great many are being bought at once, should be logged into a system so authorities can be aware of potentially suspicious behavior. These are just some ways we could cut down on the amount of gun violence in this country. Gun violence will never reach 0%, but with the help of stricter gun laws we could drastically reduce the amount to a level similar to other nations.

  • Civilians have no need for assault weapons.

    The latest shooting incident in Texas has once again drawn attention to the catastrophically poor levels of gun control in the United States. The feelings of responsible gun owners who keep guns for their own protection are understandable and it is not fair to penalise them as a result of these terrible crimes. However, this shooter has been facilitated by the loose restrictions around military grade weapons which civilian has any need for unless they want to kill vast numbers of people quickly and easily.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Shooting rampages have become commonplace events in the US. If you don’t believe that is a problem, then you have a problem. The US also has the highest rate of gun homicides in the advanced industrial world. In UK, the rate is in the low hundreds. In Japan, it’s in the double digits. The entire cult of guns, and the easy access to military weapons by anyone (including kids), are a disease. And all so that the gun manufacturers, and their Ministry of Propaganda, the NRA, can make piles of money.

  • Yes, gun laws should be more strict.

    Yes, gun laws should be more strict because too often end up in the hands of those who use them to commit murders. Too many mass shootings occur throughout the United States, and new gun laws will help prevent future crimes. The gun lobby should be silenced by those who care.

  • These things are stupid. My answer is a soft, not necessarily

    Should gun laws be more strict?

    Yeah! People are dying from guns!

    No! We have rights and need to enforce our present laws!

    Neither answer addresses what our laws are, what they should be, and how they should be enforced. The question isn't should gun laws be more strict. That's just a generic thing that people incorrectly associate with "should we do more". Of course we should do more, but please speak intelligently on the subject.

    The question should be, what are productive solutions for protecting people against the unlawful use of firearms? How can we implement these solutions in the lives of our existing culture?

  • A Day Late and A Dollar Short

    Its a bit pointless when soon enough we'll just have cameras everywhere tracking everyone along with the NSA reading everyone's emails and whatnot. If anything, they let all the die hard right wingers have their pea shooters knowing full well they can send a hundred drones flying right into their faces. One of the recent snipers they killed with a bomb disposal robot that blew up a bomb right in his face.

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