Activists Hack NFL Ad: Does the NFL look the other way when their players commit crimes?

  • Yes they do

    Bob costas was quick to blame the inaminent object that was used in the murderer suicide of a player and his girl friend while he ignored the NFLs culture of violence and drugs and the head injuries many of these men have gotten. He blamed all gun owners who had nothing to do with that crime instead of admitting that the NFL failed again and that the NFL has a gang culture.

  • NFL Lets Its Players Off the Hook

    Yes, it is my opinion that the NFL does indeed look the other way when their players commit crimes. When presented with tangible, irrefutable evidence that an individual has committed not only a crime but a violent crime, most reasonable employers or companies would move to terminate that person's contract and hopefully assist in his or her prosecution. The NFL has historically done neither of these things when its players are caught in wrongdoings. On the contrary, players too often receive what amounts to a slap on the wrist and are then allowed right back onto the field with little or no jail time for crimes that would result in severe punishment if an average person committed them.

  • No, I think the NFL handles things the best way they can.

    No, I think the NFL handles things the best way they can. I really feel that people are a bit too hard on the NFL these days. I feel that they have done the best job they can do. I enjoy the games and i think the league is just trying to focus on what matters

  • The NFL is just another example of big business.

    I don't think that the NFL is necessarily any worse when it comes to looking the other way than any other large organization. I believe that since football is such a spectator sport we, the general public, are more aware of the scandalous things that go on behind the scenes.

  • NFL Doesn't Know What To Do At This Point

    The culture in the NFL in the past was indeed to look the other way. Drug use, including steroids were much more prevalent in the 60s, 70s and 80s than anyone is willing to admit. In today's rapid news reporting culture, the NFL is behind the times. They don't know what to do without violating civil rights against the presumption of innocence, and appearing to do nothing about the behavior of its players.

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