Actor Keo Woolford of "Hawaii Five-0" is dead at the age of 49. Do you think drugs played a role in his stroke?

  • He lived a reckess life.

    There are many Hollywood actors that live as though they are invincible. There are limited studies as to the long term effects of sustained drug use, or even acute drug use, and the effect that it can have later on in life. Likely, the drugs played a role in his death, because 49 is very young to have a stroke, otherwise.

  • No, Keo Woolford's death was not caused by drugs.

    No, I do not believe Keo Woolford's death was caused by drugs. Even though the abuse of some drugs such as methamphetamines, cocaine and other stimulants may lead to stroke for a variety of reasons, there is no evidence that using these drugs played a role in Woolford's untimely death.

  • No, drugs did not necessarily play a role in causing Actor Keo Woolford's stroke.

    Until an autopsy proves otherwise, there is no proof that drugs were involved in causing Woolford's stroke. His lifestyle reportedly included some poor decisions, including drug use that some speculate led to his stroke. Many medical conditions and illnesses can lead to strokes, apart from any drug use. Only a medical examiner can determine the actual cause in this case.

  • Without medical examination, one can not say that drugs played a role in his stroke.

    The tragedy of Keo Woolford's deak at the age of 49 is a sad example of someone dying younger then one would like to see. However, there are many reasons for a person to have a stroke. If Keo had a condition or predisposition that he was unaware of or was not tending too, it could have easily paved the way for him to have a stroke.

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