• Five years is too lenient for hit and run.

    The lives of the victim and family is forever changed. Five years is just a slap on the wrist compared to the victim and family of the victim's lives. The driver needs a harsh punishment so that maybe he would think about his driving and be more watchful of his driving.

  • 5 years is too lenient a sentence for a hit-and-run

    A hit and run is a serious crime. The authorities should make an example of this case in order to deter others from committing the same crime. Due to the severity of this crime, there should be a very strict sentence of more than just five years. The culprit needs to be punished.

  • It pays to be famous

    A life is worth more than five years. To give a criminal five years for killing is just wrong. While the killing may not be intention, the driver became a criminal when choosing to flee. Society gives too any people a free pass, or in this case, lets too many people off easy.

  • No, 5 years is not to lenient.

    But it really depends on what injuries the victim suffered, did the actor stop his vehicle shortly after the hit and run or if there was a chase involving the police and if any public or private property was damaged. Other things also are factors but from an overall standpoint, no.

  • We can't let a bias influence our decision

    Whenever an actor does something wrong it is blown up all over the news. Frequently this leads us to hate on them, as if being famous makes the criminal act 10 times worse. Frequently fame leads people to believe that it wasn't too bad. He could have done worse. We should allow a little more wiggle room for this famous actor. We can't let our bias influence what we think. A law is a law, it doesn't change for good or worse when you are an actor.

  • Five years isn't too lenient

    We are talking about a hit and run here. Not a situation where a person accidentally hits someone with their car, then stops, calls for help and stays there to answer questions. No, this is a hit and run where the person just continues to drive away. That's not a good thing and in my opinion could be considered attempted murder, for me five years maybe too lenient in such a case.

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