Actor Steven Hill died at 94. Will he be remembered most for his role on Law & Order?

  • Yes, Steven Hill will be remembered for his role on Law & Order

    Steven Hill had a long career in acting with roles in the Mission Impossible television series as well as Law & Order. Since we tend to remember the most recent work, (he appeared in Law & Order for 10 years starting in 1990), he will be connected to his role as the District Attorney.

  • Yes, Steven Hill will be remembered best as Adam Schiff on Law & Order.

    Steven Hill had a long and distinguished career in the film and television industry, but the part that he will be most remembered for is his role on Law & Order. Playing District Attorney Adam Schiff on the hit television series was his last role before he retired and probably one of his best performances as an actor.

  • Most likely, yes.

    The thing about landing an amazing role is that the role gets lodged into society's minds, and they never forget that one role, book, song, etc. Some actors and artists get stuck in a role even when they want to move away from it. Yes, I think the world will remember him for Law & Order. They've already started noting him as "the actor who starred in Law & Order" even though his history included many other television shows and movies.

  • Yes, for other roles in other movies.

    Steven Hill will be remembered for his role on Law and Order. It is in this long running TV series that Steven became a well known figure in many households. He acted as the Grumpy District Attorney Adam Schiff. This generation may not know of the Steven also starred in the "Mission Impossible" series in the 1960's.

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