Actress Rose McGowan says Democrats are in a Deep Cult, Is she correct. . . ?

  • Democrats are a Cult

    Democrats really do think like an ant colony, It's disturbing. Democrats indoctrinate their followers with lies through the fake news media, They recruit through the public school system and through colleges. They spread propaganda saying that America is evil, White people are evil, And that there are 20 million genders and if you do not believe what they tell you to believe you will be cancelled and your life will be ruined. They will cancel you and ruin your life for something you said 20 years ago. They promote government censorship and want to shut down all opposing voices. Liberals cannot take criticism and instead of arguing with opponents they will scream and call us "racists" and "bigots. " Many of them are too far gone into the cult and happily drank the blue kool aid. I am glad I managed to get out but they are still trying their hardest to ruin my life for defecting from the democrat party, I hope more and more leave too and see it for what it is; a cult.

  • I wouldn't characterize an entire political wing that way. However.

    We will be seeing alot more of this. Creative people denouncing the left. What's happened in the last 50 years is a conversation from a conservative dominated culture to a liberal dominated culture. Creative people who are rebellious by nature won't take to the left telling them how to live any more than they'd tolerate the right doing it. Conservatism has become the rebellious political wing interested in bringing about positive change as weird as that sounds. But only one of two things can happen from here, Either the society goes down the left wing tracks until its destroyed or its corrected by tension from young right wing conservatives.

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fpmoulding says2021-04-28T10:07:10.707
Its good

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