Adam Sandler making 4 movies for Netflix: Will movie theatres eventually succumb to online streaming?

  • The growing debate means yes.

    Many say there is too much money at stake for the current Hollywood-- to studio-- to theater, model to go away. That is a contradicting argument. When any business sustains dis-proportionately raised prices to make up for lost sales...It's the beginning of the end--to the extent we maintain a truly free-market capitalist democracy.

  • Yes, onine streaming will overtake movie theaters.

    Online streaming provides many benefits over traditional movie theaters. The prices, the selection, and the overall experience are often better. There is no need to travel to a theater that is often crowded and loud, no need to purchase overpriced concessions, and you can usually find the exact time of film you are interested in seeing. People are no longer bound by the release schedules and studio interest in blockbuster films.

  • Yes, movie theaters will eventually be obsolete.

    Yes, online streaming will eventually take over the movie industry. A family can spend upwards of $50 to enjoy a movie, drinks and snacks. Seating can be uncomfortable, the theater can be loud, and if someone has to get up they could miss an important plot point. Online streaming is an affordable, convenient option. For under $10 a month a family can enjoy unlimited access to movies and TV shows from the comfort of their own home. Families have the option of pausing, adjusting the volume, and access to many viewing options without ever leaving home.

  • They are empty.

    Walking into a movie theater a couple of weeks ago, there were only a handful of people there for a new release. Today, people's televisions are huge. You can stay home and watch on your tv and have a great experience. Movie theaters are becoming a thing of the past as technology becomes less expensive.

  • Movie theatres will not succumb to online streaming

    There is too much money to be made in movie ticket sales. Movie theatres will not want to give up that revenue and the exclusivity of being able to be the first place movie goers can see a new film. Between ticket sales and concession sales, too much revenue would be given up if they succumbed to online streaming.

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